Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today is kinda important

And I am nervous. I made the doctors appointment weeks ago. Then, forgot about it. Sorta. On purpose. I didn't want to get excited because really, we are just going to talk today. We need to find out what our options are. Can they do the procedure where they go in and remove sperm to fertilize with my egg? Is that done in a petridish, then injected into me? Do the really use a "turkey baster" like Bee says? Will they test Bee's sperm first? How long does the process take? How expensive? Does our insurance cover even a portion of it? Money up-front? If it doesn't work, how many times until we try just a regular old sperm bank? And how do we do that?

As you see, I am full of questions. I also want to know things like, will I need to go on fertility medication? I have never been pregnant. I have never tried either. My family history is kind of a crap shoot of extremes. Some of the women have issues conceiving. Others look at man and they get knocked up. What if they give me fertility medication and due to Bee's and my family history of multiples on both of our maternal and paternal sides, we end up like Kate Gosslin and have 8 kids?!

Hence, why I have tried to not think about today. And, now it's here....and I am nervous...C'mon 3:30!

Meanwhile, I'll just look at my old girl and smile :)

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Karen said...

Hi! Praying for you ... for you to have the peace of knowing that God is in control, and for wisdom in making your decisions. God bless you!