Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Lurkey Do!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This Thanksgiving is a somewhat new experience for me. Normally, Mama makes at least half of the dinner, and there is a huge crowd of us! This year, not so much. I am really trying hard to stay in the spirit of the season, but my birthday was a flop and I can't shake this "poor me" attitude I have because my family isn't around. I know I am not the first person to not spend their birthday or the holidays with their family. I also understand I am lucky that it's because they are in different states, and not because they are in heaven. Anyway, mama and daddy won't be here. My sister will be with mama for turkey day, and then going to her boyfriends. Daddy is with my aunts, and two cousins. My Brother is....well, not sure where he is going, but he didn't seem interested in making the long drive out to my house and two of my three kids will be off at their grandparents.

However, I am focusing on the fact that I will have a relaxing holiday. I am getting to spend it with my Bee, J, and Grandma Bee. We are also having friends stop by later for dessert :) I am also trying to stay focused on what i am thankful for. In the spirit of that, I will share my list of thankfuls, and I hope to keep those in mind :)

I am thankful for:

-My God. Through him all things are possible!
-My health. I have to go see my doctor about my vitamin levels on Monday, but all in all, I am healthy!
- My family. Immediate, extended, and acquired. We may be states or countries apart, but we are all under the umbrella of family love
-My Bee and my kids, they really are my rock!
-My Job. I complain like everyone else, but it pays the bills and treats me well!
- My car and my house!
- My friends. Especially BFF Rose!

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and you focus on all your blessings too!

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