Monday, November 28, 2011

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

Wow! What a looong 4 days off! We were busy doing nothing at the Monkee-Bee Household. I mean, we did stuff but, for us, it was like doing nothing. Oh yeah, and I think I ate non-stop all 4 days. This year it was going to a smaller than usual crowd for Thanksgiving. The wee bee-lets were going to be with Grandma and Grandpa, and my family was going to be not in attendance. So, it was Bee, J, Grandma Bee, and myself.

Wednesday, I went shopping at lunch. Well, attempted to. My battery in my car died...again. After cursing it out, and getting a jump, I got on my way praying the whole time that it would start after each errand. It did. Then they sent us home early. I went home and promptly put on my yoga pants and over sized t shirt. Then I cleaned, cleaned, swore, and cleaned again. Then I made pies and boiled my eggs for the next day. Bee and I ended the evening curled up with him playing xbox and watching Army Wives with me on my laptop.

Thursday, we woke up and headed down to the school where there was a turkey bowl going on. Bee played wonderfully, but alas, they lost in the last 2 minutes of play. Oh well. :) After some pictures, we headed back home where I jumped on starting dinner. Grandma Bee and I settled on 3pm, but she is always early, so I knew she would be getting there around 2pm and since it was almost 1, I needed to hop to it! I made the deviled eggs (first time ever), and got the sweet potatoes on when Grandma arrived. We put the turkey back in the oven that she brought to keep warm, while we peeled potatoes, and heated up the corn. We set up the relish tray and got the table all set and we all sat down to enjoy and EAT a wonderful meal. It was quiet and relaxing! After dinner, all retired into the living room while I cleaned up what was left (I clean as I go, so really it didn't take me but 5 minutes), and we hung out a bit until Bee's brother and sister in law came over for dessert. Everyone left around 9pm and Bee and I ended our evening the same way as the night before. Xbox and Army Wives.

Friday, Bee let me sleep while he went gun shopping with friends (well there's a sentence I never thought I'd utter). When he came home, he paid for me to go get my nails filled (thank GOD! They needed it!) and then we watched Army Wives while playing xbox until it was time to go meet up with Reggie and have dinner. After dinner we came home and lounged at bit more until bed time.

Saturday, We laid around until around 4pm when we washed, inside and out, both cars, and the motorcycle. Bee had to get a new car last week because his truck died and when they "washed" it for us, they didn't do a very good job getting all the wax off. After that, we went inside and heated up left overs, and lounged around until our friends called and invited us to their bon fire. We went and chatted with them for a bit and had a few beers. We left around 11pm and went home to bed.

Our New Ride! 2005 Buick Rendevous!

Sunday we again rested until around 2pm when Bee had to leave for a football meeting and I got up and started baking because we were having people over for dessert to celebrate all the November Birthdays. We ended up with about 17 people (including us). It was a lot of fun, but I was exhausted by 10pm and was wishing they would go home so I could get ready for the week and go to bed :)

We did a whole lot of resting, but we are going to need it in the coming weeks. Starting today and going every week until February we have as follows: Basketball for little man on Mondays and Wednesdays. Basketball for C on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Games for both (hopefully) on Saturday. Hockey for Bee on Sunday. Add to that Holiday stuff, dentist appoints that are due, Bee and I have our "baby" appointment tomorrow, and my extra doctors appointment for my newly discovered Vitamin deficiency's. (I have to now go monthly for b12 shots, and my Vitamin D that should be between 80-110 is a 5. Yes F-I-V-E, so I am on a prescription strength supplement one time a week. It's 50,000 units where as the over the counter stuff is 20-50 units. I have to have my levels checked once a month for the next 3 months)

I am tired just thinking bout it!! I think I will just keep laughing at this picture of BFF Rose from her trip this Thanksgiving to Tampa Bay Florida to visit her parents :)

Nice Bass  ;)

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