Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indiana Dreams on This Indiana Night

There is a team in our Football League that holds a special place in our hearts. The owners are the nicest, most honest and real people you will ever meet. The other teams are nice, too but we formed a bond with the Diesels. They are like our family. Bee talks with their owner almost every day.

After the season was over, they asked if we would like to be in a post-season contest with them. We agreed, and enjoyed 3 more weeks of football. When we played them, the winner was going to go on to the championship. Bee and Rami decided before the game, that if we won, we would bring Rami on as a coach and let several of his guys wear our uniform and play with our team, and vice versa. Well, they won, and we went and played with them. Afterwards, they got invited to a bowl game championship. One day of football. Teams from all over the Country, and many different leagues. They called Bee and asked him if he would suit up with them. My guy, who can not refuse a game of football, agreed. So, off to Indianapolis we went..

We arrived, and C, as their adopted team mascot, donned her jersey, and helped get things underway.
I hung around and helped my guy get ready and taped up. I helped the team get situated. The opposing team, whose home field we were playing on, looked intimidating. They had 60 guys. Plus, you could tell from the fact that all of the jersey's, pants, and helmets didn't match, that they cherry picked the best guys from the area to come beat up on this team from Detroit. We traveled light for the Diesels with just 25 (The Rams, Bee's team, traveled 18-22 all season...). The coaches said they might look mean, but they were soft. I've heard that before....it doesn't always mean anything. They were making lots of noise, but our guys quietly warmed up, and stretched out. I gave my guy one last kiss, and snapped a picture before retiring to the booth to film.

It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't watch a lot of football. While the score is the deciding factor of who wins, or who loses, it doesn't not tell the story of the game. There were many games this season with our Rams where we lost 48-27 or 27-0 (like our last meet-up with the Diesels), but the story of the game was, we kicked their butts all over the field. We made them work hard for their points, home cooking from the refs, bad calls, or critically timed injuries prevented us from the W's. Now, that's not to say that our team doesn't need a lot of work. Lots of Discipline and better coaching and we will be championship contenders. Until then, we will be 1-9. Anyway, the final score ended up being 14-8. Diesels won!!! While that score says it was a close game, it really wasn't. Even with their 60 guys and "ringers", we handed them their behinds all game. Their one touchdown was luck and a little help from the refs. We had a 3rd touchdown as well, but it was called back on a BS call. Either way, we will take it!!
The Diesels are national champions. They get to go to Florida and play in the Semi-Pro Super bowl games. While it would taste so much sweeter if it was our Rams, we were proud to be a part of it!! The guys love Bee, and swear if it weren't for him being there, this game probably would have went the other way. In the post game huddle, they gave him MVP. It made him choke up :)

Coach Al recognizing Bee

Bee choking up
All in all, dreams were made that night. Goes to show our Rams that a bunch of guys from the ghetto can be professional and do great things!! Congrats Detroit Diesels!!!

After the game, Bee, C, and I started back in the direction of home. We stopped off at Motel 6 about 20 miles outside of Indianapolis and got a room, and grabbed some food at Denny's. Have to say, I was impressed with Motel 6. I will let them leave the light on for me in the future! :) Sunday, we got up early and headed home. Bee had Hockey to get ready for. All in all, it was a great weekend :) Next time, we will stop and visit Bee's brother and Sister-in-law as we passed through Columbus! :) We at least waived as we drove by ;)

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Sarah said...

How exciting! Congrats to Bee and the Detroit Diesels! :)