Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well now we know..and knowing is half the battle, G.I. Joe!

We had our appointment. It went...ok I guess :) I left feeling a little deflated.

I mean, this was only a consultation, and I knew that I wouldn't be leaving, like, pregnant or anything, but it seems a little "far away" if that makes any sense. I mean, Bee told me to make the appointment so we knew where to start. We both agreed we didn't want to have a baby until we were married, and we are currently not married. We are not even officially engaged. So, there's that. Bee keeps telling people we will most like get married "sometime in October". Um. He better properly propose like, a month ago if he wants that to happen. Weddings take time.

Anyway, we talked to the doctor and told her that we were not interested in reversing Bee's vasectomy. It's painful, the percentage chance of us actually conceiving is way low (like less than 5%), and when we do conceive, we would like the benefit of that kind of birth control again so, it really is not worth it. So, our options are for them to get testicular sperm and fertilize my eggs, or use donor sperm.

Both have pros and cons, but really, it comes down to this: to conceive the way we want to (which is using Bee's sperm) they will have to use invetro. The good news is the chance of conceiving is 60% (the average couple just having sex is 20%) and most couples in our situation (no other fertility issues) get pregnant within the first couple of tries. Also, it would be biologically mine and Bee's. The bad news? With medication that is required and the invetro itself, we are looking at $12,000.00 to $15,000.00...each try. Plus, the added fee of the process to remove the sperm from Bee.

If we were to use a donor, our chances of conceiving each moth drop to 10%. All that really means is more tries and more medications. She said healthy couples might have to try 4-5 times. This process costs around $500.00 each try. Oh yeah, and neither way is covered by insurance.

In the end, I just want a baby. I would be ok using a donor. I just worry that it won't feel the same to Bee, ya know? I mean, I know he would love our baby no matter what. I guess I really shouldn't worry. I don't even have a ring yet.

In the mean time, I am to go get these two tests done to check how many eggs I have left to determine how much time I have, and to double check there are no other issues at play. I guess we will decide then!!

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Sarah said...

Praying for you, Joy, that God blesses you and Bee through this process.