Friday, November 4, 2011

Hobbling along..

Well, It's Day 4, and I am still limping on :) I have this bandage until Wednesday. It makes life difficult, to say the least. My family? Yeah, I got pity for about 6 hours before it was back to folding (more like wadding) laundry, and making dinner. Oh well.

If having a bandaged hand wasn't enough, I went and had my lab work done today as well as my scheduled yearly girlie doctor. I am glutton for punishment, I suppose. Ha! Anyway, my doctor said all my girl parts were good as far as she could tell, and sent me on my way with a phone number and name of the best doctor in town that works with couples like Bee and I who want a baby, but have been medically altered so that's not possible. Apparently, he has a high success rate and the whole process of going in and getting the little swimmers is quite common. Yay for that! Now, we just need to get an appointment with that guy and maybe soon I can have a baby! :)

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Sarah said...

How exciting, Joy!! I'm thrilled for you that a baby is in your's a magical experience!!