Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Annnnd, I'm back!

Whew! What a week! I feel bad that I didn't get to update much, but between waking up at 5am, being downtown all day, and then coming home and taking care of my family, by the time I got to sit down at the computer, I was exhausted!

I ended up on a case! It was a criminal case. Our defendant was arrested and charged with Solicitation of a Police officer and possession of heroin. We found her guilty, but not until we deliberated for over two hours. After the case was over, we found out that she had a long record of drug and prostitution charges. I hope she gets the help she needs. Seriously. She has an infant daughter, and her boyfriend was willing to lie under oath for her he loves her so much. My heart just broke for her seeing her in the state she was in. She was a young girl too...

The whole jury duty experience was fun. I highly suggest that if you get called, you don't dread it. It takes you out of your element for a week, you get to meet people of all walks of life and you get to give back to your community. Plus, the court system is very interesting! Plus, if you are like me, you get to spend a week in downtown! What a beautiful city I live in! On Friday, we even had the opportunity to have the Policeman's Memorial take place. There was a parade, hundreds, and hundreds of police vehicles and mounted police. We had police from as far as Toronto, Canada. It was a wonderful way to spend my lunch that day.

As for around our house, life is pretty much status quo. Bee had his season opener on Saturday. They lost. There were lots of play calling issues. Everyone was all up in arms over it but, that just means they all need to show up to practice and work harder. Kiddos are almost done with school and are looking forward to having their summer break. We still aren't 100% on how we are going to handle childcare two days a week, but we'll figure it out.
So, that's really about it. I am still really tired from switching schedules so I think I am going to go enjoy my last day before going back to work!


Amander said...

Once again, I really am jealous you had jury duty!

Sarah said...

Great pictures of a great city!