Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Yeah, I know. I am a day late. Story of my life, you know.... lol

So, our weekend went by way too fast. It had it's ups and downs, but in the end, turned out fine.
Friday night, I got home and Bee loaded us all up in the car and we went to go pick up his 16 year old, "J". We got out to her house, and as usual, she wasn't ready. But that was partly because she didn't know we were coming. I can't say I blame her. Even I can't always follow this shared parenting schedule. After we picked her up, we headed home and just stayed in for the night.

Saturday morning we woke up when my alarm went off at 8am. Bee had a game in Pittsburgh and we still had a lot to do yet to prepare. He got up and started getting ready. I slept till 9am. I was so tired and with the weather report of rain, wind gusts up to 40mph, and temps in the low 50's, I wasn't feelin it. Finally, I rolled out of bed and went into the living room to join the family. The kids were hungry and "J" offered to make eggs. Now, on one hand, it's a help to me, because I don't have to. However, whenever "J" cooks, she destroys the kitchen (She may be 16, but 16 is still a "kid", and I can remember being 16 and not caring about the clean up process part of cooking) So, I would have to clean up after her anyway. At least to clean it to my standards. Plus, the kiddos wanted bacon too, and "J" doesn't know how to cook bacon (really, she's afraid of it...which I totally understand THAT too...I wouldn't cook it either until about a year ago) So, I went in to help make breakfast. By the time that was done, we all ate, and I got ready, it was time to go.

That's about went the day went down hill. I was irritated and not in a good mood. Listen, I am fully aware that I need to learn to let things go sometimes. Ok, most times, but at the same time, I had a right to be upset. Also, one key bit of information about me is that I don't hold grudges for the most part. If you snap at me, or yell at me and hurt my feelings, if you give me a hug and a "I'm sorry" and mean it? It's done and over with and I have already forgotten the incident. However, that didn't happen Saturday until the end of the day.

I can not STAND lack of organization. I can not STAND being rushed around and then waiting. Bee knew guys needed a ride to Pittsburgh. As usual, we all offered to carpool. Bee borrowed another player's Yukon (the guy couldn't go. His son was going to Prom and the after party was at his house). He gave away all the seats and told me I was going to have to drive me and the kids. Ok, I get it, but it still upset me. Then, he told people that needed rides, were to meet him at the practice field and somehow work it out to get there because he wasn't going to traipse around town picking everyone up at home. Then he told them to be at the field at 11:30am. Now, even though, it was going to be me and the kids in my car, I had to go to the field too. JUST IN CASE a guy shows up and needs a ride, they would have a place to stick him. My thoughts? You should know by THAT morning if you need a ride, and should let someone know before and not just show up. But whatever. The practice field is 35 minuets in the opposite direction of where we needed to be and I didn't have much gas to begin with. We got there at 11:15. Bee didn't show till 12:45. Why? Yeah. He was picking everyone up at home. Then, the guys who did come to the field didn't start showing until 12:15...He was crabby. He snapped at me several times. Barked orders at me. It also pisses me off when I am left out of the plans. As in, Everyone else knows what we are doing, where we are going, except me. I find out on a need to know the kids...and that pisses me off to no end. So, we get on the road.

I am tired, cold, crampy (oh yeah, THAT too..), I have three kids in my car who have already been cramped up in my small little Civic for an hour and a half. They are whining that they are hot/cold/tired/bored/hungry/thirsty oh-my-god-are-we-there-yet, and we haven't even left yet. Not to mention, it's raining cats and dogs and I have to pee...AGAIN. Needles to say, it was not fun times in my car. Finally, after an hour of stewing and having my eyeballs float, I call Bee to tell him I was turning off to go to the bathroom and I would meet him there. His phone rang twice and it went to voicemail. I threw my phone and turned off. We went pee in an ugly, smelly outhouse (welcome to the Country, ya'll) and got back on the road. While I was pissed off, I am forever still considerate. I sent Bee a text telling him I would meet him there. Had to pee. blah.

I get frustrated with my outdated GPS (I have a better one on my phone that I pay to have unlimited access to, but it's kinda slow and the signal is weak, so like one cloud out and I am doomed). However, it did ok with directions until I hit Pittsburgh. Once I got in the city, the roads were too close together and it couldn't update fast enough and I had to turn around twice which only added to my frustration. Oh, and I had to pee...AGAIN. We FINALLY make it, and oddly enough, I beat Bee there. There are no bathrooms and I don't go in the woods. Bee got there. Snapped a few more times at me and I took my stuff and went to the stands to film. The game starts and the tape isn't rewound. I missed the first two plays. I'm steaming. It rains, it pours, the wind kicks up, flipped my umbrella, I had to miss three more plays to deal with that. Air Raid sirens went off ( I hear there was a tornado spotted near by). Our guys lose. 0-7. However, Bee made it there with all his guys, and he played so his mood is instantly improved. Mine is not. I snap at him. I feel bad, I apologize. I feel better. Then we hit the road and eventually stop for dinner and get greets me inside with a big smile and my heart melts and I feel better.

We get home, finally, and it's late. Kiddos hit the hay. I wait for Bee to finish dropping people off. He gets home and we cuddle up in his chair under the blanket and he asks me why I was so upset today. I tell him and he apologizes again and I was fine and over it. We spent the rest of the night cuddled, watching YouTube videos and "Nerd T.V" Eventually we fell asleep in the chair and at some point got up and got in bed.

Sunday we slept in and relaxed most of the day. Then we went and got his mom and met up with my whole family for dinner. It was really nice! The only down side is, being that it was Mother's day, it really got me thinking about me and Bee. How I want to get married, had kids of my own and kinda want to start on that soon. I want to be a mommy. A REAL mommy. Sure, I love his kids. I always will and that will never change. But, I want my own to have that special bond with. That feeling was intensified last night when I found out my best friend from when I was in high school got engaged this weekend. There was always an unspoken rivalry between us even though we were friends. We were 6 days apart. She was older and wanted to be the first to do everything (lose her virginity, get her license, have a boyfriend etc) but I was the more open, less bitchy, "prettier" one, so, I got to do all those things before her..and I always just kinda felt like I would be married with kids before her....but I guess not...

Oh well. This has turned into a long rambling post. Ha! All in all, it was a good weekend. Not anywhere near long enough and I was up waaayy too late last night and now today I am dragging. Bee and I both agreed, tonight it's early to bed!!


Amander said...

Sorry about the friend getting engaged. Sometimes watching other people go through certain life stages can be hard.

Sarah said...

I'm glad it all worked out, and that Bee was understanding in the end. When we were dating, my husband and I used to go out with another couple a lot. They had only been dating for about 6 months when he surprised her (and all of us) by proposing to her at her birthday party. At the time, my husband and I had been dating close to two years, and I admit that I was really bothered by it. Little did I know that my husband had already asked my father for my hand in marriage. My husband proposed to me a month later on Valentine's Day. :) You never know...