Friday, May 14, 2010

Spotlight on "C"!

This is Bee's Middle Child, "C". She is daddy's little girl. She looks like her mom, but this girl is allll about her daddy. I have seen a few pictures of her from before her mom left, and she dressed totally different. She wore pink. Dresses, skirts, had purses, played dress up. Then again, she was 7 and 99.9% of all girls do that. However, after her mom left, she totally switched gears. She because intensely about sports, mainly football, and started wearing her older step brothers clothes. Now a days, getting this child into anything that isn't sports related is like pulling teeth. Bee wishes she would look more like a "girl". I say, let the child express herself how she wants.

Like I said, "C" is a daddy's girl to the core. She is his shadow. She wants to do everything with him and be near him as much as possible (can't say I blame her lol ;) ) In my opinion, I think that her whole love of football and the desire to play comes from the fact that he loves football and he plays. I see a lot of me as a child in her. I, just like her, was very mature for my age. If given the choice, just like her, I would rather hang out with adults or the much older kids than kids my own age.

"C" is an amazing young woman. She has gone through a lot at the ripe old age of 9 and has done it with a grace, patience, and understanding that surpasses even her fathers sometimes. When her mother found out she was going to prison, she never once mentioned it to the kids. "C" asked what was going on and "SHE" wouldn't tell her. "C" found out from the children on her bus what had happened and that not only did her mommy steal lots of money, but that she was going to prison for a long time. Then the kids teased her. Imagine finding that out, and not even from your own mother. Then, before she left, she told "C" that with her gone, she would be the woman of the house and now at 7 years old, she was responsible for her baby brother (who was 5 at the time). Making sure he took a bath, washing him, cooking, doing the laundry, making sure the house was clean etc (meanwhile, SHE never did any of that, so I don't know why she was asking "C" to do it).

C" is such a good kid. She is such a big help to me, Bee, and her brother. She is wise beyond her years. She gets straight "A's", and is always offering to help. If you ask her to take the trash out, or any other chore, she hardly ever talks back or even rolls her eyes. She just simply jumps to it. She is very respectful, smart, witty, and even funny. She is the idol of her little brother (though little man doesn't like to always admit it). And while they do fight and bicker as all siblings do, I have yet to meet a pair that are closer and more protective of each other than these two.

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, her response is "I want to play for the Steeler's. Then, when I am done I want to be in the Army and fly planes or be a policewoman". Ah, big dreams, my girl. I like that and I hope I can be there to see you achieve them all!!

I Love this little girl because....

She is a wonderful Big sister who always helps out her Little Brother

just like her father, she has a love for the game of Football that is pure and true.

She is not afraid of being the only girl out there, or playing a sport with and against all boys. She has no fear and doesn't care what others think of her.

She is a natural leader. Kids naturally turn to her for what to do next. She is always leads with patience and kindness.

She is Daddy's little munchkin and she loves and adores her father. She has a respect for him that he will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. He will always be a hero in her eyes.

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Sarah said...

I love your posts about your sweet stepchildren! She seems like an amazing kiddo!