Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies..

We have a problem in our house. An epidemic, really. Lies. Lying. Oh yeah, and mis truths.

Let me state for the record, I hate lying. I loathe it. It's one thing to lie, but it's another when that's the first thing you go to without hesitation. I mean, my kids suck at it, but they still do it. ALL THE TIME, lately. Little man seems to be the worst, but C is guilty too. Not that I want them to lie about big things, but really, if you are going to lie and risk getting in a lot of trouble, why not lie when it's "worth it"?

"Did you read today?" "Yep!" - He didn't. I asked him several more times because he had his "lie face" on, and I knew he had been outside playing when I got home early from work, which wasn't much longer after he got home, then he had basketball. He lied to face every time I asked him, getting increasingly more upset. I stopped, and reminded him with his lying past, I can't really trust what he says. I asked him again and he confessed. Now, why lie? I knew we were busy, and coming back from a week off is hard. I would have reminded him to read. That's all. But no, he lied over and over and over again, and now he is grounded for a week.

"Did you clean your room" "Yep!" - This one I can EASILY check, and I do. And it's not clean. And he gets in trouble.

I asked C to take the dog out. She did, and they were outside all of 4 minutes and came in. I said "Thanks" and was going to leave it at that. She announced "Gypsy went pee and poop! She must have really had to go!" Later, I went to take Gypsy out, and the baggie was still ties to the leash. So, either she didn't pick up the poop, or she didn't let her go. C lied without me even asking her a question!

Then there is the issue of the food thief in our house. The kids know if they want a snack or something to eat, they have to ask first. That is my rule. 99.9% of the time, I say yes. In fact, I usually then offer to make it for them. This way, I know what what is going out of my cupboards so I don't count on something being there that's not and requiring an extra trip to the store. Also, I like to know what goes into my kids' mouths. I buy snacks for their lunches every week. Money has been tight lately (when is it not?!) and I had just enough to buy what little snacks I did. Just enough to get us through until payday. I have told, and told, and told, and told, and TOLD the kids (specifically, little man) to stay OUT of the snacks for lunches. Little Man has gotten in trouble multiple times for sneaking and eating snacks from the snack cupbord. Yet. once again, I go to get the chips to put some in their lunches and sure enough, there is a mouthful of crumbs left in the bag that last time I had my hands on had about 1/4 of a bag left. I asked and he started to lie, but then confessed.


I know kids sneak food. I did it. I was also almost 200lbs by the time I was 14. I know kids lie. I did it. I know kids do this stuff, but it drives me insane and I don't know how to make it stop. While they do misbehave for Bee sometimes, and they do lie to him too, it seems like they lie to my face more often, and with greater ease, which makes me feel like there is no respect.

That's what hurts the most....

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