Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I found Santa's house!
Wow. Christmas is kicking my butt. However, I'm not really in the "mood" this year, and because of that, I am not stressed as much. I am also, not wanting to do anything. Of course, that could be because on top of Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, needing to wrap presents, cook meals for my family, and all the baking I normally do, I also need to still make lunches, clean my filthy house (yeah, I have dust bunnies the size of Texas...and I SWEAR my bathroom sink growled at me...) take the kids to basketball practice, cheer at basketball games, and attend Hockey Games. Oh yeah, and do the laundry, fold it, and put it away.

This weekend I had planned out that Friday I would go shopping with Bee and finish the kids up. Saturday, I would take one kid shopping in the morning, attend the basketball games, and then the other two afterwards (each by themselves) then, I would wrap Saturday night everything in the house. Sunday morning, I would go to the grocery store and fill my cupboards, and then we would bake until it was time for Hockey.

Yeah, not so much....

Friday, Bee declared we would shop Saturday afternoon. Great. So, I figured I would grocery shop Friday, or even take the kids shopping Friday. I came home and we spent an hour and a half trying to figure out if we were going out to eat, or if he wanted me to go get something and bring it back. He was irritating me in his lack of ability to decide. He finally decided he wanted to have something brought home. Then, it was the great debate of "what". Then, the kids decided to do their own thing before I got back, meaning they weren't home, until I was getting ready to leave to get food...and oh, they were hungry too and because I have not been shopping in forever, there was no  food in my house. So, I got us all food, and by then I was exhausted and it was 8pm. Friday was a wash.

Saturday, I got up, took little man shopping, and got the snack for C's game. We went home, grabbed up our people and headed over for Basketball. The grandparents showed up, and we all watched little man's game. Then we headed over to C's, where her coached asked me if we would be willing to let C play for his traveling team because she is so good at the game. Um, YES! :) Unfortunately, both kids' teams lost :/ The grandparents gave us the presents for the kids, and we parted ways. Bee and I went and got lunch, and did our shopping. Then, we headed out to our friend Randy's house to hang out and watch the football game with several other friends while the kids ran rampant upstairs and terrorized their 15 year old daughter. ;) We left around 11pm and went home. I was ready for bed, but Bee wanted to stay up and have PJ time together. I fell asleep in my chair at 1am. We went to bed at 2.

Sunday, I went grocery shopping, and FILLED MY CUPBOARDS! I got most of my list (the rest I left for when mama comes. We will go together because by then I can buy it and it won't spoil before Christmas) Our friend Amy and Rob asked if we could watch their girls for them while they did their Christmas Shopping. I said sure! I figured two extra set of hands to help me make cookies (plus, it would keep everyone occupied). That was until they came over and It dawned on me, they have a 10 month old (not that I forgot about the's just that It didn't dawn on me that someone has to hold  the baby...mainly because I do not have carpet, nor a playpen, nor a highchair, nor a baby swing). When they got there she was sleeping, so they put her in my bedroom. I had just enough time to unload and put away my groceries before she woke up (10 min after they left). She was sick. Burning up, and whiny. I held her the entire time. She slept off and on, and then I fed her some of her baby food when she woke up and seemed fussy. My friends came around 5 to get the kids and had no idea she was sick. Apparently, she was fine when she went fell asleep in the car. :( I hope she's ok! Then, we left for hockey. I came home and CLEANED. I got as far as the mudroom, kitchen, and half of my dining room and bathroom. Tonight, after taking C shopping, I need to finish my cleaning. Tomorrow, I will take J, and then maybe start on some cookies....ugh...

Only a few more days left!!!

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Sarah said...

I totally understand. This time of the year is soooo hectic, and with a family the best laid plans often fall through. Huge frustration when there is time is so scarce. Good luck getting everything done!
Is it bad that I have my own countdown going for December 26th? ;)