Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I need a vacation!

I really do! I have been on the go since January. Football, more football, C's Football, More football, School, now Basketball and Hockey. Then, Football will be starting again. Bee's cousin mentioned taking a family vacation. Cousins, aunts, everyone. I was totally on board with it. Then, two family members dropped off from the list of interested people, and it seems all talk of the vacation has stopped. I've asked, but no one seems to be working on it.

On Friday, I mentioned on facebook I wanted to go. I asked Grandma Bee if she knew of anyone in the family still serious about it. She said she could only speak for herself and Bee's Brother and sister in law. When it was first brought up, it was the plan to go to the beach for a week which, if you know me, sounds ideal. However, I looked at beach houses in Myrtle Beach and even in the off season (when it's still cold down there) you are looking at about $2,500 for the week. Three of us paying? Yeah, not really going to happen.

Someone at work mentioned Gatlinburg, TN. I looked it up and my WORD! It is breath taking!!
We could get a cabin that sleeps 12 for half off if we go mid-late fall. With three people paying, we would end up paying around $300-$400 each. That is way more reasonable.

Not to mention, I know Bee (and his brother) do not do well in heat. The burst into flames when it's above 50 degrees, and prefer to not be out in the sun and HOT if they can help it. 5 days at the beach probably would be torture for them. If we go in late fall, we can see the colors of the leaves, have hot cocoa by the fire, and enjoy nights in the hot tub!

When I posted this on facebook, none of Bee's cousin's were into it, and his mom mentioned something about preferring the beach better, so I think I will save the Smokey Mountains for a trip for Bee and I ;) OR my family and Bee and the kids :) I certainly don't mind doing both!! ;)

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Sarah said...

Oh, wow, Joy, you've go to go!!! Our trip to the Smoky Mountains was probably our favorite vacation EVER. It's gorgeous, relaxing, reasonable, and there's lots of stuff to do in the area if you want (ziplining, Dollyworld, whitewater rafting, shopping). Hope you get to go on your vacation soon!