Monday, December 12, 2011

The wee ones may have found their calling...

We have a new love in our household. It's name? It's name is Basketball! The wee ones had their first game this past Saturday. The last couple of weeks have come down to this....and they LOVED it! They did awesome too!

The day was going to be a long one for Bee and I, but no matter. We had pictures for little man at 8:15am (which was a disaster. The picture people were so unorganized), his first game was at 9am. His second game was at 11am. C had pictures at 11:15am, then little man had to be taken to a birthday party, and C's game was at 2pm! Even though little man's pictures got off to a late start and they started their game 20 minutes late, they weren't too off schedule.

Little man is in the back row, on the left. right next to his coach (looking scared ha!)

The kids did great! Bee even was able to be involved when he was asked to run the scoreboard/clock! Little Man's team won their first game 21-10! He loved the feeling of winning, and enjoying celebratory donuts and juice with his team, after! He wasn't real aggressive in the first game. He kinda stoodwith his hands in his pockets a lot, and didn't move around too much. He eventually warmed up a bit and attempted a basket. The only problem was, it was the other teams basket! Luckily, it didn't go in :) After his game, Bee ran him up to wally world to get a present for the birthday party he was going to, while I went and grabbed C for her pictures. We then headed back to the other gym to catch the last half of Little Man's second game. He was way more animated this time around, and Bee said he even made a basket and in the right goal, too! :) Unfortunately, they lost the second game 18-20, but he was still a happy kid (I think the extra donuts helped)

Bee running the clock!

Gooooo #8!

running down court

Afterwards, we ran him to his birthday party and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back for C's game. That kid? She is a beast :) She dominated that basketball court like she had been playing since she was 6. She made 10 rebounds, 6 assists, and scored 8 of the team's 16 points! Unfortunately, the other team was just as prepared and they ended up tying 16-16. She did great though, and played her heart out!

My little Sports star, never smiles....

She took the Starting Tip! Goooo #5!

Beast Mode...

Both kids had a blast. They both can't wait for practice and their games this week! Little man needs to work on a few little things, and I'd say he has the potential to be the star on his team too! Both kids were blessed with awesome coaches (the team little man played the second game, their coach almost got thrown out for being a jerkface on the sidelines!), and Bee and I couldn't be happier or more proud of our kiddos!

Annnd this is how she ended the night while watching movies with us...her and the dog...both exhausted...

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