Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweatin' away

One of our family Christmas presents this year was a family membership to the Community Fitness Center in our town. It is within a 2 minute drive from our house (in the same campus as basketball practice ;) ). I went and paid the membership fee for the year after dropping little man off at practice and when I was done, they gave me a tour. Holy Smokes, ya'll! Let me just tell you this: If a power plant wants to come in and put a factory in your town, let them! This facility is easily a 15million dollar facility! I have seen fitness clubs with less charge 3x more than what they do!

Any time between 5:30am and 9:30pm we can play basketball on any of 6 courts, walk the indoor track, play volley ball, tennis, racquetball (2 courts), ping pong, take a zumba class, spinning class, boot camp class, or water aerobics, swim in the Olympic sized pool, or use the "machine room" which has over 80 different weight machines, 40 different aerobic machines (stepper, treadmill, elliptical, bikes), and 20-20 different "free weight" weight machines! It is truly amazing! Plus, we can have as many guests with us as we want (guests are charged $5 each) and there is no limit to how many times a guest can come with you!

Bee and the kids are so excited too! In fact, we have decided to hold little man's birthday party there! He is stoked about having a POOL party in January! ;)

ps- if my Christmas shopping were in a percentage, I would tell you I am 3% done :/ I need more time! However, the 3% I have gotten done, I have gotten awesome deals!

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Suzie Thomas said...

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