Friday, December 9, 2011

More Holiday Concerts!

Last Night, it was C's turn! We enjoyed the musical as well as vocal styling of our young C. The first order of business was finding this girl tights! I hit up the local wally world and unless she is 3, a hooker, or 400lbs, the pickins were slim! I did manage to walk out with the last pair of tights that were in her size that at least didn't make her look like she belonged on a corner somewhere. Which honestly, is more than I can say for her classmates.

Bee, being the most lovable man around, took care of dinner for me so that when I got home, the kids were fed and ready to go and I had just enough time to shove half of a pepperoni roll down my gullet and off we went! We dropped C off at the middle school where they had to meet up, and I watched my tall, long legged, beautiful daughter saunter up to the door in tights, a pencil skirt to her knees, and a modest white sweater...while the two girls she met up with and walked in with were in a teeny tiny spandex mini skirt, and a tight, lacy tank top, with a little tight sweater. I was more than a little appalled. When we got into the auditorium, most of the girls were dressed in a similar fashion! Some with stilettos! These girls are 11 years old!

All in all, the concert was wonderful. C did a great job! We came home and Bee and I watched the Steelers win, barely, and made it to be late. I am feeling it today too. I was feeling much better yesterday, but now it seems I have taken a bit of a back slide. I think it was too much too fast :/. I better rest up though, we have a day full of basketball tomorrow!

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Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon!
I'm with you on being appalled at how some girls dress. It's crazy, but I look at some of the girls in Caroline's 2nd grade and am floored. Good for C that she made appropriate choices. They make her even more beautiful.