Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is over..

And for the first time ever, I am kinda happy about it. Christmas had it's up and downs this year, and over all came out on the good side, but not good enough that I want to relive it or anything. Honestly, 2011 has kind of been a big let down and I will be looking forward to 2012.

Let me start by saying, I LOVE my mom and my sister. I would do anything for them. However, if I am being honest, anything about this Christmas that was a low point, it involved them. That sounds terrible, I know. I feel terrible for saying it. But, it's sorta true. Poppy is in Arizona and has been for the last 4 months trying to find work and living with my Aunt. My mom and sister had been living in their house, but once it went on the market, and they had their first showing which involved them taking the dogs and leaving for 4 hours, my mom thought it best to go stay with her sister in Michigan. My Aunt in Michigan then convinced her to live there until the house sells. They also convinced her she can't live in her house because she has no money to live on. That was 4 months ago. My Aunt and my mom didn't allow the thought that maybe my parents house wouldn't sell...for awhile.

Long story short, my mom and my sister are getting on their nerves. My Aunt and her family are getting my my mom and my sister's nerves. They are miserable up there. Not to mention, it's Christmas. My mom has not seen my dad since September. She misses him, my sister misses him, they are both depressed (clinically...so this makes it worse), they both are even more upset that they couldn't buy for anyone. They have spent the last week they have been at my house in severe mood swings. Which causes the mood in my house to be swinging from one extreme to the other. My sister got offended when I was having a "heated discussion" with Bee, and I snapped at her. She cried to my mom, who then came and yelled at me, and then wanted to leave. Instead, they drugged themselves up on benadryl at 6:45pm and went to bed for the night. Then next day, it was awfully "chilly" in my house....which just reminded me of why I was so happy when I moved out almost 8 years ago. I cried to bee that night that I just wanted to cancel Christmas and that if it weren't for him and the kids, I would do just that. They both got over it though and by Christmas Eve, all was well.

Then, my mom was feeling down on Christmas Eve when everyone was over celebrating. She snapped at little man, and then at my sister in front of everyone , then went into the living room by herself. Christmas day, she was fine. Festive mood, even. Then, my sister took her turn. She got upset watching my kids play with all their presents (editor's note: as kids...and even as adults, my parents always spoil us at Christmas. I am one of the few adults I know who was still getting 20-25 presents at Christmas. However, unlike my sister, I never have cared about the number of presents. I would have been just as happy with one or two)...and got upset. Started crying to my mom about how she was so depressed she wanted to die. She was feeling like she did when she went to the Lauralwood (mental hospital). She took three Xanax back to back and wanted to call her doctor to see if he would admit her. I just rolled my eyes. Drama. Not to take lightly people with mental illness, but I know my sister. 50% is real issues. The other is for attention. If she REALLY felt that way, she wouldn't tell anyone...if she wanted to die as bad as she said she would, she wouldn't have said anything, or worried about taking that many xanx. Le Sigh....she slept most of the day, but was fine later on..

Now, apparently, she is great. She is moving in with her boyfriend today. My mom is going to drop the price on the house, and hopefully, it will entice a buyer. I love them to death. I will also do my best to accommodate them, but I need for my life to go back to normal. I can't afford to feed 7 people much longer...and I clean up more after them than my kids...:/ I feel awful saying that, but it's true. I can't stand the moping and the constant sleeping...

In other news though, As far as my hive goes, we had a great Christmas. I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d though and took nary a photo. Ok, I took three...but that's it. My kids were spoiled. Bee was a little hesitant because of all the presents for them (especially little man...holy Christ. I started out my shopping and had a cart full of stuff for the girls, but was on my lunch break, so I had to cut it short. I then had the idea in my head they had tons of stuff, so I tried to compensate for that and concentrated on him. It wasn't until I was wrapping that I realized the stuff was mainly stocking stuff for the girls.) The wee ones also got presents from some church their grandparents go to that puts their mom's name on the gifts..so extra spoiled. :)

Bee got me some nice things too :) I got a sweet new knit hat, gloves that I can wear and are made special so that you can still use your touch screen phone, a Steelers Jersey (#7- Big Ben!), a Leather Jacket, and my precious...

I also got some coffee's to go with it :) Bee's mom got me a lb of coffee from Starbucks, an ornament with my name, and a "J" candle Charm :) BFF Rose got Bee and I margarita glasses, tequila, and margarita mix :) My dad even sent a little wood lion that was being sold at a church he went to :)

My mom and sister, for as much as I complained before gave me (and my family) a chance to spent time with them. Seriously, that means a whole lot to me, because when my mom does move, it will be few and far in between that I get to see her, or on days when I really miss her, taste her beef barely soup (which she made me a bunch of and is in containers in my freezer :)  ) :) With my sister taken care of, and the Holidays over, I think my mom's mood will greatly improve. 

I surely hope so...or else I will kill off that bottle of Tequila by myself ;)

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Sarah said...

Wow, what a difficult situation with your mom and sister. Depression can take such a huge toll on a family. I hope they can get the help they need and that their situations ease both for their well-being and yours.