Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catch up

One would think that there would be a lot of make up work to do after you missed the better part of a week. However, there really wasn't. I spent most of Friday doing little things here and there that needed to be done. As per usual on Friday though, everyone everywhere decided 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon is when they needed to send over every possibly thing that needed to be done in the next month and oh, it would be AWESOME if we could get it by early next week.


So, I spent my afternoon working my tail off, only to have a metric ass ton of stuff left over to do on Monday. Plus, all of Monday's fun stuff. Also, while my Monday started out cheerful and upbeat (seriously, Bee was in a mood that was so upbeat for him that I was actually savoring it.) and then it turned on me like a rabid raccoon. A Co worker was in a bad mood (ok, actually, she was just being her normal self) and snapped at me for no reason whatsoever, and then threw a file at me. Then, I got into a heated discussion over a somewhat political matter with an acquaintance of mine and further had me stewing. I was on edge and exhausted by the time I got home. At the very end of the night Bee said something to me (he was bouncing ideas off me...only I didn't realize there were only ideas and not realities) and I sorta snapped at him and hurt his feelings. The thing is, Yes. I was talking in a harsh "yelly" tone. But it was in no way shape or form aimed at him.  He was texting with this guy that is supposedly helping the football team by getting sponsors and the like. He is pretty much, in my opinion , an over entitled douche bag who has on more than one occasion mistaken the fact that my husband asks me to do team related stuff during my work day as permission and/or the right to for him to demand I do things for him. Oh, and if I'm really good and do my task up to his satisfaction, he'll throw a little surprise in there for me.

Um. No.

Anyway, this guy made a suggestion to Bee and since I knew it came from him, I was immediately against it and started shooting it down. Apparently, I was using a harsh tone and kind of verbally attacked the idea like a dog off it's chain. He took it personal. He got hurt. I felt really bad. I may have weeped liked a little girl while apologizing.

sigh. I really hate it when I act like a dick.

Anyway, as you can see, I didn't have the mental strength to post yesterday. Sue me. LOL!

Not too much going on in our house. Which is nice. Bee has an appointment with a surgeon today about his hernia. We should know when his surgery is shortly. Ugh. I hope he recovers fast. He doesn't get paid while off of work and we need his paycheck! C is has her last basketball game of the season today. It's an away game at Kenston. It's the toughest team they have faced all year. It's also the team in second place (we are in first and undefeated)  with their only loss being to us, and only by one basket that C scored at the buzzer. I'm a little nervous for them today. You can do it girls!

Anyway, she has a few weeks off, and then she will be starting track and indoor flag football. Little Man is not playing a spring sport. Bee and I talked about it. Soccer is out because we hate YMCA soccer and all it stands for and no one else is doing a spring league. That leaves Baseball/softball. All his friends are playing baseball. Little Man has no interest. Bee was going to sign him up anyway figuring like everything else, he just didn't want to do it because it was "new" and that once he got into it and saw all his friends, he's be golden. But, we changed our minds since he hasn't been doing his school work. We figured that making him sit at the table all night long and DO HIS WORK and then some was the perfect punishment because the weather would be getting nicer and he will have a perfect view of his friends playing outside while he is working. :)

As for the past weekend, we did a lot of this:

Which was awesome.

Bee and I did go to a charity event on Saturday night. We hung out with the Jones's (Mrs. T and MJ)

It was a reverse raffle and we had a lot of fun :) There were lots of raffles, and Chinese auctions and side boards going on. We didn't win any of them. I came close on a sideboard. I was in the top five and we had the option of splitting the $375 pot ($75 each) which would have covered Bee's and my ticket in, but  one lady didn't want to split so they drew one more number and it was mine and I was out :( Bee however, was in the top five for the main board which was $1500 and they all DID split, so we walked out the door with $300. We got to spend the evening chatting with our friends too, It was fun :)

Well...that's about all I got for now!

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