Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Looking Back and Looking forward!

When BFF Rose's sister named the date of the surprise going away party, I started working on a photo album for Bff Rose as a present. I went through all my pictures and gathered up copies of pretty much every photo we have together. One thing was missing though. Our vacation in  May of 2008 to Panama City Beach, Florida to see her parents after they moved down there. I didn't know where I had stashed them. They weren't on facebook, nor were they on any of my photo printing sites. It was only recently that I remembered they were on MySpace. I logged on my long ago forgotten account and there they were! Oh how fun was it to look back. That was pre-Bee even! Well, I had met him already, but we had not become friends yet.

I remembered just how much fun we had! Even the trip down to Florida was fun. The road trip part was great. The fun stuff we saw. The scenery change from chilly and dreary. Everything still in that lifeless "grey" drab, to Mountains, to warm, to warm and palm trees. Sand, Surf, Green, salty air! Oh, I would give anything to go right now!! 

I decided to google how long of a trip it would take to drive from my house to BFF Rose's new house. 16 and a half hours. The best part? Since they will be living in Tampa, it will require us to take a different route (BFF Rose's mom and dad used to live in the pan handle. It required us to drive through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama the whole way) This new route will take us through Virginia, West Virginia, both Carolina's, Georgia, and finally, Florida! It also includes driving smack through Savannah, GA which is where I have wanted to visit for many, many, years!

So, I told Bee that next Summer, when I get my bonus, we WILL go on a family road trip to see BFF Rose. We will leave on a Thursday night after work and drive until we can't drive anymore. We will then stay the night in the cheapest hotel we can find (I figure, we can make it at least as far as North Carolina, or half way there). Then, get up early and hit the road and make it there by early afternoon. Rose has a pool and lives across the street from the Gulf coast! The kids (and us) can swim all day long, BBQ, sit out on the beach and sun, go see the sights, and maybe, if we watch our pennies carefully, spend one or two days at Disney (they live 45 minutes to an hour away). After 8 days, we will leave on a Thursday night and drive until Savannah, GA. Then, spend the day/night there, and then head out Saturday morning and make it home late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. Oh how much FUN we will have! BFF Rose is already excited too :D

I mean, how can we NOT have fun together? ;) 

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