Monday, March 25, 2013

Pre-Goodbye Goodbye's, and Horse Racing!

This past weekend was a bittersweet one.

Friday was BFF Rose's surprise going away party. We were late, as usual, because apparently, that's my life now, and missed the "SURPRISE!" part, but it was still nice. I made chocolate chip dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry white chocolate frosting (thanks, new frosting's at Wal-mart!) which made every one think I was some sort of bakery genius. Not so much, lol but it did make me want to get more and try different combinations. Anyway, it was really busy in there and we ended up having to take little man because C went to the school play. He didn't really mind too much. Pop and Pizza with a side of loaded fries was his reward for sacrificing his time. Plus, he got to see BFF Rose. That's his girlfriend :)
My friend Nancy, Little Man, and BFF Rose's Boyfriend Ray. It was his party too

Bff Rose and April

The Dizzle. He is going to miss his mom like crazy.

Bff Rose was surprised and touched that the party was for her. I gave her a photo album filled with pictures from when we first met, up until now :) It was kind of fun too, to sit with her and her friends and family and reminisce about all the fun and crazy times :) In fact, just thinking about them makes me weepy. Saturday before Easter is her sister's wedding. It will be the last time I see her before she moves. It's going to be rough :( Sure, I can always visit, but it's far. Far = expensive. Especially when you have 4 other people to bring. I can (and will) go by myself sometimes, but even still. Oh well. She deserves to be happy too and I will support her wherever she is!

After the party, we left and went to Bee's practice for a bit. One of the coaches was in Florida coaching the Police team, so Bee stepped in for him since he still can not practice. We eventually came home and got to bed around midnight. I was soo tired.

The next morning, C had basketball practice. I felt like warmed over death (No, I was not drinking the night before) Thankfully, Bee said he would take her. Little Man and I stayed home and I went back to bed. I slept until 11 am when I peeled myself from the bed. I was fighting a headache and was feeling worn out and tired. Bee wasn't feeling so hot either. Just Blah. We had made plans to go with The Jones's to A Night At the Races, and they had already paid for us, or else we would have just canceled. It ended up being a fun little evening. We won a few races (we put our winnings back into betting), The Jones's won a few races, "bought" a horse that one ($25 pay out for them), and Marcus won on a side board ($78). Later, when they did the Chinese auctions, our friend Nancy won a $25 Barnes and Nobel gift certificate and a board filled with scratch off's (She won $65 off of those) and I won a really cool blanket that I really wanted. All in all, it was fun :)

Me and Bee

T, Nancy, and Me

T, and me

Scott and Nancy

Sunday, we blissfully did nothing. This kids played with their friends in the snow. You know, because Spring is when the snow comes...Anyway, it involved a lot of this...

Couldn't ask for anything better :)

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