Monday, March 18, 2013

What a week...

   I don't have a whole lot of time for posting right now. I'm taking a little break from my work. What.A.Week.


Tuesday evening, I spent cleaning my house. My landlords kids (who technically own the house...) were nostalgic and wanted to "come by" and walk through the house because they "missed it". I would think it was for more sneaky reasons, but really, my landlord is the type to just come out and ask if he suspects something. The kid's lived there with their mother until she died. They haven't been in the house in 3 years and the oldest boy is on his first spring break from College. I get it. However, it couldn't have come at a busier time for us. Even though they are all the nicest people around, I get really stressed and nervous in dealing with them. Add to that C had Civil Air Patrol and Bee had a meeting and it was one of those nights where I didn't sit down until 10pm.

Wednesday I was stressed at the thought of having my landlord's kids over, preparing for Bee's surgery the next day, and on top of it, a cold/sinus thing from hell that popped up outta nowhere. Luckily, last minute, the kids bailed on us and we don't have to worry about it until at least summer :) Bee went to his meeting and took C with him and Little Man was Content to play with the neighbor boy.

Thursday, I woke up and my throat was on fire. No matter, because we needed to get to the hospital because Bee was having surgery.  He had a hernia repaired and a cyst taken out. The procedure took way longer than I thought it was going to take, but all turned out fine. After being there all day long, we were finally able to come home around 4pm. He was sore, and uncomfortable, but he was doing ok. By the time I got dinner and his medicines, and we all sat down, it was 7:30pm. The kids were supposed to go to the Grandparents of doom's house this weekend to visit and go see their mom. Little Man told me in the car to please not make him go see his mother. He said he wanted to see his Grandpa, but not his mother. He said seeing her makes him "mad and sad" and that he hates how she constantly drills him with questions about Bee and I, which only makes him more mad. Inside I celebrated. Outside, I told him he would never have to go anywhere he didn't want to.

Friday, Bee and I stayed home together. Me, to take care of him and recover myself, and him to recover from surgery. It was glorious. There was a lot of napping going on. When the kids got home, we had Little Man call his grandparents and inform them that Little Man wasn't going to see the mother and that if they wanted, I could bring him by afterwards. The Grandpa said that he wasn't going on the visit and little man could visit with him. Then, we went to C's AAU Basketball practice, and then to Bee's football practice to drop off the footballs before heading home. It was a long time to be out running around and Bee and I were both over exhausted and tired, so right to bed we went.

Saturday Morning, we were up at 6:45am to wait for the Grandparents. They finally arrived and I went right back to bed, where I stayed until 10:30am. Saturday was filled with naps all day as well...

Sunday, We both were feeling just better enough to be bored but not well enough that it annoyed us we couldn't get out and do something. The kids came home around 5pm and told us about their weekend. Little Man did NOT go see the mother, but it wasn't like him and Grandpa did something quality like I think Little Man thought that maybe they could do. Instead, Grandpa watched TV while he ate "snacks" (they don't know what to do with him, so they just shove food at him). C said that Grandma and the "mother" got into a huge fight while she was in the bathroom. She came back and "mother" was crying and Grandma was saying how she was selfish and ungrateful. Then, the mother cried to Little Man that "he is forgetting about her". Then, at some point over the weekend, The Grandmother told C that she hated Bee and never wanted him to marry her mother in the first place. Then, tried to make everything better by buying C $120 pair of shoes and $70 jeans.

This is where I have a HUGE problem.

1: You don't say things like "I hate your father and never wanted your mother to marry him in the first place" Why don't you just go ahead and say "I wish you were never born"

2: No 12 year old needs or really, should have $70.00 jeans. From Hollister. I'm not even saying C is to blame. I m sure she never even asked for them. (She might have...who knows) but it goes against what I am trying to teach my daughter. Which is, Money isn't everything. You don't need Name Brand everything. That $70 could have bought 3 or 4 pairs of jeans at another store. Or, IE: DON'T TURN OUT LIKE YOUR MOTHER.

3: The shoes. Ok, Here's the thing on the shoes. Grandmother bought them for "school". C has 4 pairs of shoes for "school". FOUR. And they aren't cheap walmart or payless shoes. These are all easily $100 shoes. One pair, Bee bought. They were $100 on sale for $50. Another pair were $120 on sale for $45 that her Grandmother bought her 2 months ago...the other two she paid well over $100 for, but she bought them with birthday and Christmas money. She didn't need another pair. However, the blessing in there is that she starts track today and she needed track shoes (which none of her other shoes qualified because they were basketball shoes) and at least this pair can be used for track and it saved Bee and I $100 because that's how much track shoes cost. I guess it's the idea that she just bought them for her to buy them...not for any real purpose and it just so happened we actually had a purpose this time.

Meanwhile, her brother, who desperately needs shoes because his are falling a part with holes in them and needs  pants because he owns 3 pair that fit properly came home with nothing. Oh, my bad, he got a new squirt gun....


I'll be happy when the kids can decide not to see any of that family anymore....

Ok...back to work...

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