Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Forward

Time Change + Weather = Zzzzzzzz.....

Oh, wait. I need to be productive today. It's a Monday. It's hard to form sentences today. I was dozing off on my way into work this morning. Which, would have been fine except I was driving. And it was raining. There was just enough chill in the air that required the heat be on too. So, we have a tired Monkee, plus darkness, Plus rhythmic rain, plus warm comfy atmoshpere....yeah, it was a long way in this morning :(

I went to bed at a decent hour too. Bee and I were sleeping by 10pm which, was really 9pm before the time change...Work has been hard to keep my peepers open too. Sigh. Almost lunch time.

As for the weekend, it was a pleasant one :) C's party went...well. She had 8 girls show up (out of 15) and they went and got the neighbor boys for good measure. I spent $101.00 on food. GOOD food. I even put out 5 boxes of girl scout cookies. (We're talkin the "good stuff") and not one child ate. Ok, I'm being dramatic. C had two pizza bites (From Pinterest. I will blog about them tomorrow) and a chip, and one other girl had one chip dipped into the loaded baked potato dip. THAT WAS IT. There were apparently too busy running around outside making copious amounts of noise, pissing off a neighbor, or clucking like wild turkeys in my living room (no joke, they sounded like a flock of em) playing x-box.

Oh, and tormenting my poor cats. They were the stars of the party, really. :) Ms. Kitty was not really sure what to make of it and Chubbs (Sammy) just hid. lol

Eventually, the boy came home from 4th grade fun night with a buddy who was spending the night. They were excited to hear that the girls didn't touch the food. At least  they dug in :) Then, it was off to do what they do...

The girls all eventually left, Bee came home from practice and we went to bed. On Saturday, we had Bee's scrimmage, then later, him and I went out to see a show at the local comedy club with friends of ours. It took us a sweet forever because one of the main highways was shut down due to a dump truck accidentally leaving it's dump up and taking out a pedestrian bridge...

On Sunday, it was 72 degrees!! My kids were outside all the live long day. Around 4pm, I dropped Bee off at his bosses house to help with some tree removal while I took the boy out to buy a present for his friend's birthday party, then on to the party we went! After dropping him off, I went back to Bee's bosses house to pick him up. We grabbed custard and headed home. After picking up the boy, we came home and the kiddos got showers and then went to bed and we followed soon after :) 

Hoping the week goes by fast!

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