Friday, March 1, 2013

The Gift that keeps on giving..

Just as Beelet child #1 recovered and returned to school, Beelet child #2 fell to the yucky stomach bug :(

Little Man had gotten in trouble for his grades and I had told him Tuesday morning that I was calling his teachers. It was then that he said his belly hurt. I wasn't sure if he really was getting what C had, or if he was a smart boy trying to get out of temporarily facing the music. Well, I got my answer around noon on Tuesday. The school nurse called. Little man threw up his chocolate milk all over himself and the cafeteria. Poor little bug.

I rushed home and grabbed him up from school. They had him in a change of clothes and he was as white as a ghost. I brought him home, got him set up on the couch where he moaned and groaned for several hours. He got sick several times as the night progressed but finally managed to fall asleep. C on the other hand. Played in a basketball game, won (they are still undefeated!) and changed real quick while I played with my new phone that arrived late Tuesday afternoon, and off to Civil Air Patrol we went :)

C playing with my old phone while letting me test out my new phone's camera

Bee was also not feeling well (chest cold and super exhausted) and for a short while we thought he was catching the "bug" too. So, it was supermom to the rescue. I took C to CAP, hit up the AT&T store to transfer my contacts, stopped off at Drugmart, came home and served dinner to the two  members that could eat (Bee and myself). He went to bed, Little Man was sleeping, I went and got C, came home, fed her, she went to bed, then sat with Little Man as he got sick for the next several hours. He finally went to sleep around midnight and I did too. Apparently though, he woke up at 12:30 and was up the rest of the night throwing up :(

We both stayed home on Wednesday (He wasn't allowed back until it had been 24 hrs of no fever and no puke). He slept almost all day. I watched TV on netflix and watched my sweet little boy sleep.
sigh :)

I was very surprised that I got a text message from the Grandparents of Doom. We had a nice interchange though. Just asking how he was feeling. I am surprised they care, honestly. Later, I received another text saying that the kid's "mother" tried called. No such call came through on our end, but it really didn't matter because C was at the store and Little Man was sleeping and I WAS NOT waking him to talk to the woman who hosted him for 9 months early in his life. I also told the Grandmother of Doom that the "mother" was not allowed to call before 8 pm anyway. Also, that she was allowed one try per phone call day. Once on Wednesday and once on Sunday in the specific time frame. She continuously refuses to follow court orders and it's only hurting her. I got no response from that one.

Later Wednesday night, Little man was feeling MUCH better and I had intended on sending him to school on Thursday. Yet, when Thursday rolled around he was warm to the touch and said his belly still hurt. Honestly, I think he was trying to stretch this whole being sick and being waited on hand and foot (not to mention NO SCHOOL) for as long as possible. However, I figured his sister got an extra day to try solid food at home and fully rest up he could too. Not to mention, I really didn't feel like going to work yet. So, we sent the girl off to school and Little Man and I napped. Like All day. And the cats napped too..see?

Honestly, it was awesome. After C left for school, I sat in my jammies, under my heating blanket (seen above) with the cat and napped in my chair like I was 80. Eventually, I got up and unloaded the dishwasher and fed the boy the requested Mac and Cheese, which he kept down. Along with oreo's. And Pretzels. And Ginger Ale. I also dug out my frames mom and dad got me for Christmas and put some pictures in them and hung them up in my dining room!

Then, I napped. And Napped some more. Bee came home eventually and worked out with a game on the xbox. Worked out after working a job that requires him to haul, lift, maneuver, and carry 100 lb sheets of drywall all day. I watched him while playing on my phone. And Ate a cookie. This, all while having just woke up from my 4th nap of the day. 

I miss being home lol!

However, it was back to the grind today...for both of us. Sigh. 

At least it's FRIDAY! :) 


Sarah said...

Aww, stomach flu is the worst. Hope little man recovered fast, and that you and Bee stay healthy! The flu is going around our school too, and I am so paranoid that we are going to get it. Moxie was sick for about a week, so we finally took her to the vet where the x-ray and appointment cost about 250. Ugh. Pets are expensive.

Joy Brown said...

Ugh, Yes they are! I had to pay $125 for my stupid cat only to find nothing wrong... Good but irritating... lol