Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School!!!

"Dear God,
I would like to thank you VERY much for inventing school. More importantly, after a long, busy, hectic summer, I would like to thank you for inventing the FIRST day of school. You are ever so wise in your ways. Ahhhh-Men!"

Haha! You think I am joking? Listen, I love these kids, but I hate the fact that I come home and they have messed up my clean house. This house isn't even fully CLEAN yet, and they are already messing up the clean parts. not to mention, I almost killed the lot of them yesterday when I came home early (I don't think they realized I was coming home early) and caught them breaking almost every rule Bee and I established and/or carried over from the old house.

They made two friends with the boys who live behind us. One is between Little man and "C'"s age, and the other between "C' and "J"'s age. I am sure they totally think I am the world's biggest crab apple because both times they've met me, I was scolding the kids for something they did. Oh well. At Any rate, the children were told No friends over when dad and I aren't home. No friends in the house, even if we ARE home without permission. When you are not riding the scooter, it needs to be in the garage, and lastly, no one is allowed in the pond area without permission. So, I pull up yesterday afternoon and I see the garage door open and I think "Hmm..wonder why that's open?" and then I think, "Maybe Little Man is riding his little four wheeler" and right about that time I hear "CRUNCH!" and I slam on the breaks, I get out, and there's the scooter...Luckily for them, my car was fine. (The scooter was too). I pull around back and see Five little faces staring at me INSIDE the pond area...I get out and they smile and wave. I said, "Why are there friends over?" The response I got was "Dad said, no friends over in the house. I said, "No. Dad said no friends over when no one is home. Period. No friends in the house EVER, without permission."

"Oh. Sorry." And ran off to go play. Hmmm..Then, homeboy from around the way is riding the scooter at speeds faster than lightning, into the open garage and around everything we have in there like it's some sort of obstacle course. Narrowly missing Bee's $7,000 motorcycle about 3 times. The children have already been in trouble for putting scratches in it...so I announce, "Don't be riding the scooter into the garage or around inside the garage. If that motorcycle gets damaged it will be a very bad day for whoever did it..." I had five sets of eyes just blink at me, then run off. 5 minutes later, in and out of the garage at top speeds. It's not my funeral...

After an hour's worth of unpacking, it was time to go. From 2pm until 7pm last night I walked around the different schools with each of the kids. It was nice because while I walked with one child, the other two could play on the playground. I met Little Man's teacher first. She was very nice and Little Man seemed to really like her. I could tell because he talked to her :) Little Man doesn't talk to anyone he doesn't know. She really got down on his level and made him feel comfortable. I really liked that. Not to mention, she was really nice to me :)

Next was "J". We walked the whole high school following her schedule and meeting her teachers. I really liked her Spanish teacher who told her she looked "fly", and her Business teacher who was about my age, yet dressed like a member of the "Rat Pack" and had Dean Martin playing in the background. I also liked her math teacher who was really pretty, but I think played for the "other" team if you catch my drift ;) The English teacher was a total jock and I think he smoked a fat one right before orientation. Her wood shop teacher was really nice too, and I think she may have a crush on him. He's probably all of 24? haha!

Then, it was "C's" turn. Her middle school fed us all pizza, lemonade, chips and a cookie, then we walked her schedule, learned her locker combination, and met her teachers. By this time, it was 7pm, her and I were both falling asleep in her last class, and when we left, my feet hurt, and all four of us were really tired. I still had to drop the kids off and run out to Grandma Bee's house and pick up school clothes and supplies that she bought for the kids and held so they wouldn't get lost in the move. I kind of think I want to marry her :) I thought I was going to have to go to the grocery store as well because we have zero food in the house, but when I called Bee, he said he was stopping on his way home from work (He had to work late, which is why he didn't come with us). Grandma Bee also bought us some groceries.

By the time it was all said and done, "J" and I got home at 9:30pm. I sent her up to shower and bed, and I brought everything inside. I put everything away (except for the computer paper which I forgot on top of my car. Thank God it was covered in plastic. Bee found it this morning on his way to work. Ha!), made lunches for everyone, and then headed to bed myself with my sleepy Bee.

At 4:30am, Bee's alarm went off like it does every day. He got up, showered, dressed and kissed me good morning. I then got up, got ready, and then proceeded to wake my sleepyheads up :) While they got dressed, I made them a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon and Sunny D. We ate, excitedly packed our backpacks, chatted non-stop about how we hoped our first day would go, how many friends we hoped to make, and how we hoped our teachers turned out to be as nice as they were when the parents were around! Then, it was time to get ready for the bus. We all went outside and took turns getting our pictures taken on the swing (Including me! "C" wanted a picture of me for her camera). Then, Little Man and I watched as "J" and "C" walked three driveways down to the bus stop and get on their bus as they chatted excitedly with the other children waiting. We waived as they went by, and then got in the car and went to Latchkey (which, we ended up following the bus because all the schools, including latchkey are all on the same campus). I walked Little Man to his "class", signed him in, gave him one last "high five", and it was time to say goodbye. I'm not gonna lie. I got a little misty. However, I kept it under control. :)

One pot of coffee later, and I can say so far, it looks like a winner of a day. I'll go home, make dinner, maybe do an hour of unpacking, then it's off to bed to do it all over again tomorrow. Minus the big breakfast and pictures of course. Haha! I think it's cereal tomorrow!

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