Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No good deed goes unpunished.

I went out to my apartment yesterday on my lunch. I needed to pay my rent, check my mail that hasn't been checked in 3 weeks, get a new FOB so I am not charged for it when I hand back the keys and so that I can get around the building when I move. I also figured while I was there, I'd grab the shopping cart they have and use it to transport my 45698456 articles of clothes (you think I'm joking....). I also figured, I'd grab the boxes I still had packed up from before, maybe even my pictures and whatever else I could grab and fit in my car in an hour's time.

Our friend that I had let stay there for the last six weeks gave me the key back on Saturday. I had asked for it earlier in the week, but he said that he wanted to straighten up first, get his dirty laundry he still had there, and grab his laptop. Now, I am a neat freak. Bee's house doesn't show it, but it was trashed before I was in the picture. However, my house is always presentable. It's not like hospital sterile, but no matter what, you could eat off the floor in the two rooms that count for me; the bathroom and the kitchen. When I handed him the keys, I had my apartment in that condition. I understand he has a few things working against him that prevents him from being as clean as me such as A) He's a boy. B) He's a 19 year old boy C) He has a 2 year old son who is a H-A-N-D-F-U-L D) He works a full time job. However, I at least expected it to be returned to be in close to the same condition.

I walked in, and actually cried a little bit. There were raisins all over the floor. Everywhere. Mashed into my carpet, my BEIGE carpet in some places. There were sticky, dirty knee-high hand prints over most of my white walls. My table (Thank GOD for the cheap VINYL tablecloth) had food and what looked like salt and pepper dumped all on it. There was garbage stuffed under my couch. Empty Gatorade bottles and red plastic cups everywhere. My pictures that were in frames on my end tables were shoved under the couch. My bed was all in a disarray. My TOWELS! MY Towels were gone. Just gone. However, that wasn't the worst of it. My kitchen. My kitchen looked like a dirty bomb went off it in. All 8 Sq ft of it. You know how when you cook greasy things that pop and spill all over your stove? Yeah, there was that. I think if I looked hard enough, I could tell you everything he cooked the last six weeks because my stove is a wreck. I haven't even looked in the oven yet...I was afraid, really. My counters had about a 1/2 layer of sticky goo all over them. I am not sure what it was, but I didn't like touching it. There was popcorn, popcorn kernels, crumbs, dirt, and food pieces all over the floor and counter. The sink hadn't been cleaned out since he'd been there. I didn't look in the dishwasher either. Partly because I was afraid, and partly because I was distracted by the....BUGS! Yes. BUGS, Hundreds of those tiny little fruit fly knat things. I think I almost passed out at that point. I was shaking and crying. They were all surrounding en masse this goo dribbled down my cabinet above my fridge. I opened up the cupboard and like 100 more bugs flew out. They were all on a bag that looked like syrup. It at one time was Potatoes.

I was horrified. I spent the next 45 minutes cleaning, best I could in my dress and heels, and limited supplies. I got rid of the rotten food and swept the floor. I went and picked up all the raisins. Threw away most of the trash. Tried to vacuum, but my vacuum was not working for some reason (it worked before...) I just wiped my tears, and grabbed all those clothes and pictures I could and headed for the door. While I totally wanted to stay and return my beloved apartment back to it's original clean state, I didn't have the supplies or the time because I had to get to the bank to get a check for Walt, and get back to work. I then struggled, pissed off, with the shopping cart loaded to the gills (I managed to get all my clothes and pictures that were hanging up with the exception of like 8 hoodies, my coats, and a few pairs of dress pants I never wear that were folded on the top shelf of my closet.) and my little push cart that Bee bought be for Sweetest Day last year, on my way to the car. I was in heels, leggings, plaid "school girl" skirt, tank top and sweater. I missed the elevator twice while trying to maneuver both carts, and struggled getting it all to my car. Many strong, young guys were all along my route, yet no one offered to help. Not that would have let them carry my stuff, but holding the elevator door or the outside door while you are standing right.there. would have been nice...but instead, all they could do was stare at my outfit and make cat calls.

I finally got it all loaded up, got in my car, and drove away. I called Bee in tears. I was upset. He was upset. He told me he'd have a talk with our friend, but that I should also let him know how upset I am. I don't like confrontation, but some things need to be said. I text our friend. Told him how upset I was. How I'd like my towels back (he said he had them to wash them. I said I'd wash them. I didn't care. I just want them back.) How I want the money that he still owes me for staying and how the total lack of respect for me and my things wasn't cool. How I know what I have isn't much...but it's ALL I have and I was trying to help him out and wow, the disrespect. He kinda laughed it off said "I'm sorry" and that was that. I was pretty much upset all day. Hell, I'm STILL upset because now I have to deep clean my apartment. The good news is nothing looked damaged so I hope I can still get my security deposit back. However, if I don't, I have already informed our friend he will owe me that too. I also thanked him for adding one more thing for me to stress over and have to take care of before Bee and I move...

Ugh...if I make it to the end of this month, alive and or without ulcers the size of Texas, I will be amazed. However, should I make it, I plan on having a BBQ/Cookout to celebrate! There will be lots to celebrate too!

~Kids starting a new and better school

~"J" officially moving in with us

~End to a long, VERY long, Football season for Bee's team

~"C" starting her football season

~The final close of an ugly chapter in Bee's life

~The start of many, many, many, new (and hopefully, mostly HAPPY) memories for us HERE:

Move in day is Friday, August 13th. I hope it's lucky for us!


Amander said...

Oh, oh, oh! That sucks!!! You should charge him a cleaning fee anyway.

Sarah said...

That is AWFUL!!! But on a positive note, your new house looks sooo pretty and welcoming! :)