Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working out the kinks...

So, I know I promised pictures and a proper update. However, Life is not always how we plan it :)

Bee is not happy unless we are seriously the busiest family on the planet. So, that's why we moved in the middle of our busiest time of year. Well, at least that's what I accuse him of. I think it's all a ploy so he doesn't have to do anything lol.

Last night, I had the best intentions. The best intentions AND toothpicks holding open my eye lids. There was a day in my life, not all that long ago, where I would party till 3am and still be bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning....and now a days if I am up past 10pm (Which I usually am), I want to cry. Anywho, my plan was simply this. Do NOT get overwhelmed. Do NOT try and do 17 things at once. Focus on one project, then move along to the next. Last night, I was going to come home and sort, fold, and put away/hang up all of mine and Bee's clothes. Mainly, because oh..em...gee, that is my biggest task right now. They are in waist high piles all over the bedroom....and the mud room.....and my dining room. Once this is taken care of, the rest of the house will be a cake walk.

I left work yesterday and called Bee like I always do. He was still at work. He was swamped yesterday. He asked me to go pick up "C" from Grandma B's house and take her to practice and he'd meet me there. So, off I went. Then, on the way to practice, he calls me to tell me that he just left work and has to go pick up his glasses. Drop "C" off and have her tell the other coaches, he'd be missing practice tonight because of work. I get home, and he's fussing with the newly installed Internet. This problem started the night before. He caused us to go all night without Internet because he was messing around with things he shouldn't mess around with. I fixed it in the morning, and he was trying to get his xbox to work.

This, of course, is now my problem and I have to help him rectify it immediately because, well...apparently even though I can barely hold an xbox controller right, I can now fix one. So, we sat. Doing the steps the xbox was telling us to do. Over. and Over...Bee was getting frustrated and kept asking me, "WHY?! WHY isn't it working?! I've done EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!" (Apparently, repeating everything twice, with emphasis, is required in this process) I kept offering my puny suggestions, "Well, is it the router or the internet itself?" "Should I call best buy?" "Should I call Netgear?" I want to pause here and tell you, I am a woman. I work smarter, not harder. I have an issue, I try all the logical things I can think of to fix it first, then I call technical support. I refuse to hang up with them until my problem is fixed. If they can't fix it, I don't hang up until the schedule someone to come to my house and fix it. Bee would rather struggle and repeat things with emphasis. Finally, at 7:30, I was irritated with his lamenting, and called NETGEAR technical support, handed him the phone, and said "I'll be back. I gotta go get "C". "

I went and picked her up, took her BACK to Grandma Bee's (Which, is 25 minutes away), stopped and got pop because Bee was out and I was almost out and God help anyone who walk into a house with Bee and or I in it without our crack--I mean, Pop. I made it home at 9pm. Bee was resigned to sitting in his chair with his laptop, in the dark, and the TV on. This, could not be a good thing. I asked him if it was fixed, he said "Well, we can still get on the Internet. Netgear did manage to get my Xbox online, but it's Laggy and slow. He said anything more than what he did, and I am going to have to call Xbox because it'll be something they have to do". So, I chatted with him for a few, then decided those clothes wouldn't sort and fold themselves, and Bee obviously didn't feel the need to unpack a box, so it was all me. I went to get up and he was like "Where are you going???" I told him I had to unpack. He said "Oh, I was going to see if you could call Xbox for me. I hate dealing with them!" I told him, having me talk to xbox to fix it would be like asking me to change out the engine on his truck. Or, performing open heart surgery on his mom. Probably not the most qualified person for it. And on my list of "Tasks I feel are important - in the order they are important" Fixing his xbox is below "Unpacking our house". He didn't like this and got cranky. I didn't like this because I already feel stressed to the max, like EVERYTHING is on my shoulders, and I got whiny. Then I said "Well, you could come back and sit with me if you want" To which he replied by continuing to sit there watching YOUTUBE videos while sorted clothes.

Eventually I stomped out into the living room to get my ipod. He asked me if I was upset. He huffed and puffed. I whined...and went back into the bedroom. Eventually, he came in the bedroom, kissed me, and we went to bed. My update with pictures didn't get done. My clothes didn't get put away (though, the DID get sorted :) ) and I hit the pillow and was asleep in moments. Ah, such is life.

Be apologized this morning, which I thought was most adorable because I wasn't even mad anymore. My new goal for tonight is: Put the clothes away, and start on the dining room. AND get pictures posted that don't show my house in a disarray :) Saturday, Bee has a scrimmage for "C"'s team, and then at 7pm, even though we are STEELERS fans, we are going to a Browns game. Because they are great seats that my work game me for free, and because Bee and I love Football. In between the scrimmage and the Browns game, we are going to get the last load of stuff from Bee's house. Then, Sunday, come hell or high water, we are getting the stuff from my apartment. Then, I can put all of my focus into unpacking. Ugh! I can do it...I can do it...Focus...

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Amander said...

You will get things unpacked...eventually. Moving is rough work!