Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been absent....

I know. However, Moving, being a "mom" (more like organizer, pack mule, and maid), and dealing with football (pee-wee and semi-pro) plus working a full time job has really zapped any energy, creativeness, and/or life out of me this past week.

Good news? I think I am mostly packed. I've done it all myself so, as time has gone on, I have said "eff it!" and am just throwing things in boxes. I don't even care anymore if kitchen things are in with dining room things and what not. I also am not caring if things are all wrapped up and protected. If Bee wants his stuff packed perfectly, he can do it his damn self. Also, I have stopped throwing things away and cleaning as I go along. Maybe, if I had help I would, but it dawned on me the other day that the bank is taking Bee's house. It's not like he's going to get a security deposit back. No one is moving in because the house was sold. The things there are NOT mine, and he obviously doesn't care enough because he is not going through it. I take what I think he wants, and leave the other stuff where it lies, save for a pile of stuff that the ex-in laws are coming to pick up after we move. Everything else can be the bank's problem.

That sounds so "ghetto" and irresponsible, I know. I am not that kind of person, but really, the multitude of stuff that is there is mind boggling. It would take me a year, by myself to go through it, sort it, trash the trash, and clean and really, I don't have the time for that. Nor, is it my responsibility or problem.

Bee's Brother rocking out. The guy in front of him plays in PopRocks (80's cover band) with him.

This picture makes me laugh. It was dark, that's why my eyes look so big. Bee? Well him and Todd have lots of man-love for eachother. Can you believe that 6'5 guy is a tight end?

Moving on. The weekend was decent. I decided I was doing no packing and just going to relax. Well, relax as much as can be done on our weekends. Friday night we went to see Bee's brother's band. Our friend Todd came out. Him and Bee had a good time hanging out. Sometimes, I like to just step back and let him be with his friends. They had a great time, and I did too. We took the bike (Yay!), which was really nice, until we were coming home from Denny's at 2am. It was 70 degrees and on the bike it was more like 50. It was about 45-50 minutes home. It was a long, cold, ride. Oh well, it was still fun.

Hehe. Boys....

Dallas. He is the lead singer.

Saturday, I was cranky. The day started nice enough, but then started irritating me. I love Bee's kids. However, and I know this is just me and my issues, but sometimes I think they rub things in my face on purpose. I know. It's totally silly, but still, I get upset. The Bike. I LOVE the bike. I want to go EVERYWHERE on the bike, but can't. Can't because Bee has 3 kids that need or want to go everywhere with him. Even if the oldest wants to stay home and the youngest does too, "C" will decide she wants to go, and it ruins the plans for taking the bike. Then, she'll ask Bee everyday "Can you take ME for a motorcycle ride, daddy?" and it rubs me the wrong way.

Well, She walked in from practice carrying her helmet. She had a big smile on her face which seemed to be to be a smirk, like "haha! I got to ride on the bike. (yes, I know I am being crazy and I feel bad for feeling this way...but none the less..) and then declares to me "I got to ride on the motorcycle. Oh, and dad and I are going to Coach B's house tomorrow." Which pushed my irritation further because Bee promised me we'd go to my apartment and take care of the mess and start packing and I was hoping, loading boxes out of there. Then, later, While Bee is getting ready, I walk out to go get his bag and "C" is standing right there. She asks if her dad is in the bathroom. I said yes, and she said, "Oh. Well, my mom just called. I talked to her. She wanted me to tell daddy that she loves him very much and can't wait to see us on the 28th! Oh, and she also said that she sent me a letter and it should be here by now, and that I need to ask him to please give it to me". It was every fiber of my being going into overdrive not to A) Slap the shit out of her and B) To let loose my tongue and say every last mean, hurtful, stinging, but TRUE thing I felt about her stupid thieving doesn't-really-give-two-shits-about-her-kids mother. However, I shoved it all down to the depth of my stomach and simply said "ok...." and walked away. (side note: I would NEVER actually lose control like that....)

This is why I don't like the fact that "she" has the ability to call the phone, which Bee installed in the kid's room JUST for her to call on (magic Jack, and "she" uses a phone card because we are NOT paying THAT bill). I mean, it's not like I want her calling and talking to him either. In fact, I would prefer she didn't call at all, because when she does, she plays these stupid games. Bee has not given the kids her letter because she can't follow the rules. She writes things in her letters that the kids don't need to see or hear. She clearly is trying to manipulate them, and turn them against their father. She's been told, when she says inappropriate things in her letters, they will never make it to the children. I have no idea what she actually said, as I am not privy, but Bee just doesn't withhold their letters for no reason. Then, after speaking with her mom, "C" gets all mopey. She gets quiet and withdrawn. It's not healthy. However, no contact with her mom I don't think would be healthy either. I don't give two shits about her mom, I am purely speaking for "C"'s sake. I don't know..

Anyway, we headed out to the game. My bad mood melted away as I chatted with Bee. Then, when I got to the game, BFF Rose came, My mom and dad came, my brother and his girlfriend and their two kids came, my cousin, his wife, and their three kids came, and Bee's Brother and his Fiance came. It was so much fun! Bee's team won too, so it made for a nice way to end the season. We then went to my mom and her friend's restaurant for dinner (Like half the team), and then we headed over to one of the guy's house for a little party. We made it home by 1am. I crashed. Hard. It's hell getting old.

Sunday we had breakfast, I did laundry, Bee irritated me all over again because he wouldn't get off his ass and then planned like 6 other things around going to my apartment. He kept trying to get me to let him out of going by promising me we'd hit up a movie instead (he NEVER takes me to the movie...he hates the movies because he can't pause, rewind, fast forward, etc) or that he'd bail on Cassie's practice (Grandma Bee would drop off and pick up) and we'd go Monday. However, I wouldn't budge. I was dug in. We made it. It wasn't until almost 9pm and I felt like choking him out a few times, but we made it. It didn't get cleaned (Bee said "Baby, relax, we'll clean it after all your stuff is out. It'll be faster and easier"), The boxes didn't come home with us....but I can honestly say, 95% of it is packed. We grabbed BK and headed home...where we ate, then crashed...

This week is all about packing. I've already got most of the basement stuff upstairs. There's a few more boxes, a few books he has down there, his weights, our washer and dryer. The latter two won't be moved until Saturday. The kitchen is now 3/4 of the way done. I'm doing the rest of the Kitchen, the Living room, and Our bedroom tonight. Kid's rooms are tomorrow. Thursday will be bathrooms, and Friday night we start moving. Hallelujah!

You'll know I've survived if you see pictures come Monday morning.... ;)

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Amander said...

Packing is EXHAUSTING.

I have a love/hate relationship with moving/packing (although mostly hate). But it is always nice to get everything re-organized and get rid of waste.