Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wouldn't you be happy too if you saw THIS on your drive into work....

And THIS on your way home?

I know I am :)

Last night I got some quality time in with Grandma Bee. I love her :) We are like a couple of hens when we get together. She bought more food for the kid's lunches! I told her we totally appreciate it, but not to put herself out on our account. We are moved in, unpacked, and ready to go. We can totally buy our own groceries. I am not complaining at all, believe me! However, I don't want her to think she has to support us, is all. Grandma Bee is 70. She still works a full time job. She should be retiring, not taking care of her 40 year old son, his three kids and his girlfriend :)

I came home around eight last night. Bee was gone at a film session for "C"'s team, "C" was at her friends house, Little Man and "J" were home, however "J" was punishing Little Man and making him stand in the corner. Apparently, He was playing Bee's xbox without permission and even had a friend in the house while we were gone. It makes throw my hands up in despair. On one side of the coin, I am super excited for Little Man to have a friend! He has desperately wanted one of his own for so long. They have tons of fun together too! On the other, while this little boy is a good kid, he tends to get Little Man in trouble...oh well, we will learn this lesson if it kills us...:)

It was then, "J" and Little Man inform me, they have not eaten and are a little hungry. I shook my head and fed "J" leftovers and Little Man some cereal. It's 8pm...Bee should have fed them or at least asked if they were hungry before leaving. Sure, he was leaving for a film session, but really, it was a hang-out-with-the-boys-and-drink-beer-talk-football-and happen-to-watch-a-little-film-in-the-process.....oh well. Fed the kiddos, sent Little Man to bed, "C" too, and "J" and I looked at homecoming dresses! She picked this one...I happen to think it's quite nice. This will be her first ever dance. Her mom didn't let her go (yet, her younger sister was allowed..). Then off to bed she strolled. :) Bee came home and we headed there shortly after. Still, it was after 11:30pm that I made it to bed. I NEED to get to bed earlier....I am totally draggin ass today :/ Maybe tonight... Maybe tonight...

In the meantime, I have this to keep me awake...Ahh, Happy August 31st! AKA: Opening Day of Pumpkin Spice Latte's!

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Sarah said...

How cool that Grandma Bee looks out for you all like that! Tell J that I LOVE that dress, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes...YUM!