Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One day down, 179 to go!

Well, School was a rousing success in our house. They were all super excited to go back today. Ask them in three months when the newness wares off and we have real work to do. Maybe a different story then. Or not, if you are just asking "C". That kid loves school, no matter what.

Anyway, I somehow made it through the day without falling asleep. My lazy bones is not used to rolling out of bed before at least 7:15am. In fact, at the old house, I think that was the earliest I ever woke up on a school day. Now, I'm waking up at the ungodly hour of roughly ten to Six. It's horrible, and I am not sure I am going to make it all year at this time. That's asking me to be awake and functioning too many hours in a day. Especially, since like last night, I was up until 11:30pm-Midnight. However, I better suck it up and throw back the coffee, because when I can scrape together $200.00, I am buying us a family pass at the Community Fitness Center, and ideally, I would like to be up at 4:50am to be there at 5am sharp to work out for an hour before I have to come home and get myself and three kids up and ready for school. We'll see. My goals are lofty, I know.

Last night involved some unpacking, setting up "C"'s bed because if I wait for Bee to do it, well...we might just be sending her off to College instead of 5th grade, arranging of "C"'s room because if I wait for "C" to do it I will most likely see the second coming first, making of dinner for both Little Man (Who has become mister social butterfly since our big move and has like 3 or 4 "Best Friends" on our street that he must play with non-stop), and "J", then Fried Cabbage and Noodles for Bee and I, then grilled cheese for "C" after she got home from practice. Then, more unpacking, then bed....finally. Even then, Bee had to drag me off because I was "on a roll" and would have been up half the night had he not stopped me.

Before bed, however, we had to deal with an intruder. Well, let me rephrase that. I made BEE deal with an intruder. We live in the country, essentially. There are all sorts of noises that happen outside our window from the momma raccoon calling to her babies, coyotes (yes, we have them in Ohhh-HI-Ohhh), birds of every kind, Sheep, and crickets. Our house specifically, there is also train tracks 6 doors down, so we hear the train almost non-stop. However, last night there was a cricket that was "cricketing" so freaking loud, it was almost deafening. I told be that he sounded like he was in the house. Bee told me that's because he was in the house! He said last he saw him, he was in our bathroom. Umm. Ok, you don't tell ME you SAW a bug in our house and did not get rid of it...I asked him why he hadn't smushed it. He told me something bout crickets are good luck and the Japanese or Chinese say blah blah blah...and I told him I do not allow bugs in my house, and I am not Asian of any sort so I.Don't.CARE.

I looked for that sucker for about a good hour as I was unpacking. Finally, as we were getting ready to head into the bedroom, I went to go turn out the kitchen light and there he was. Smack dab in the middle of my kitchen floor. He was the biggest, blackest freaking cricket I have ever seen. I flipped. I jumped about 15 feet into the dining room and squealed, "Baaaaaabyy! Get him!!!" and pointed in the kitchen. Bee, taken aback by my screeching at volumes not acceptable at midnight in a household with sleeping children said "What?! Get who, baby?!" I said, "Hiiimmmm! The cricket!!!" he was already on his way into the kitchen when he saw it and heard me say "Cricket" and said, "Baby, w-t-f? It's a cricket!" as he chuckled at me. "They're good luck! The Chinese say..." I don't care WHAT the Chinese say. I am not Chinese...get him OUT of my house!

And so, Bee chased that "little" (I use that term loosely. I swear, he coulda eaten Bee) guy all around the kitchen for about 10 minutes before getting him onto a paper place and shooing him out the door, which is where I am sure Mr. Cricket was trying to go anyway to be with his crickety friends...

Bee made fun of me the rest of the night for being bothered by a big ole cricket. "He can't hurt you, you know. He's just a cricket..." I said, "He's a loud ass cricket and he can make me deaf when he crawls up into my ear hole and starts rubbing his crickety legs together....then you will have a deaf girlfriend!" To which he replied , "Well, at least you couldn't talk then and I would get a whole lot more sleep..."

Bastard. His funeral is being held Friday at noon... ;)

Today was day 2 of school. Morning went off without a hitch. Hope this routine sticks for us and we can make it work....but most importantly, I can make it through the day without falling asleep at my desk ha!


Amander said...

You are a champ for waking up that early!

Sarah said...

AHAHAHAHA...that post made me laugh out loud! Glad that school got off to a good start! :)