Friday, August 20, 2010

There will be plenty of time to sleep when you're dead!

Which is what I keep repeating to myself. :) Last night was going to be the night I could go home straight after work and get to it! But, like I said a couple of posts ago, Life has other plans :)

"J" got registered for school yesterday. The other kiddos aren't yet, but today is the day. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. Ah, Bee. Some things will never change... lol :) Anyway, her Orientation was last night. "C" had football practice at the same time. When I talked to Bee on my way home, he said "Well, I'll take "C" to practice, and then I guess I'll head over to "J's" orientation. I asked him if I could go too. I mean, we might not be married, but I am helping him raise his children, and they do look at me as the "motherly" figure of the house. Not to mention, I am the one who will be on them about homework, scheduling our schedule around their events, and dealing with various school things because Bee doesn't think to do those things. I want to feel involved. I want to feel included. I want the people at the school to recognize me and know me as one of the parental figures, not just "Oh, that's Bee's Girlfriend. You know, he was married...but now the wife is in jail. Look at him. It looks as if he didn't want to wait for the old lady..".

When I got home, Bee said, "Hey, do you WANT to take "J"?" I said, "Well, I mean, I could if you want me to." and he said "I didn't ask you if you could I asked you if you wanted to do that with her." I said yes, and he laughed and said "Ok baby. You take "J" to her school thing and I'll take "C" to practice. So, that's what we did. I learned all about her life as a student at the High School, while Little Man played with my ipod touch ("I soooo want one of these for Christmas from Santa!" I heard over and over again) and "J" compared schedules with Our friend's son who was also there (His younger brother is going to be a Freshman) and our friends son's crew of freshman girls tee-hee'ed and giggled through the whole thing. Then we walked around to all of "J"'s classes, and met the principal and vice principal. All and all, it was a good time. "J" is getting very excited for her new school.

We went home and the kiddo's dispersed. I of course had to be shown all the new shoes that Grandma Bee bought. Then, I had to be pleaded with to wear said new shoes outside to play. Bee was home by then and his response after I said a firm "No!" was, "If I catch you outside, any of you, even YOU "J", with school shoes on, playing, I will take them off your feet and beat you with them like pops did to Grandma Bee when she was 14!" Hahaha! It made me laugh. Mainly because I remember my parents having the same discussion with me every new school year.

While the kiddos played outside in their OLD shoes, I made dinner, we ate, I cleaned up dinner while the children took turns having their bath and by the time all was said and done, it was 9:30pm. That's when I started my unpacking for the night. I finally stopped around midnight. I managed to finish getting Bee's clothes folded and put away (There are still a ton of them in the mud room, but they are all on hangers and will all be hung up out there so, it won't take very long) and my clothes sorted and half put away. My goals are whenever I am home this weekend (that won't be much) I am going to unpack. Once I get mine and Bee's clothes situated, it will be easy. Then, I can finish setting up our bedroom. Then finish unpacking the dining room, which is just putting the rest of the shelves into the hutch and placing everything in the hutch. Unpack the three little boxes in the living room and put away all the stuff from my apartment (mostly things for mine and Bee's room) and I am DONE!. I can't wait to take pictures of it all done. :)

This weekend will be busy. Tonight we have Bee's brother's show. It's a 45 min drive. Hopefully we'll take the bike. I kinda need a night out right now! Then, Saturday, we have to be up early. Bee's house by 7am. Pack up the rest of it, including the weight bench, and be DONE with that depressing place. Then, it's back to the house lickity split because we have to unpack it into the house and then haul it to "C"'s scrimmage at 1pm! Then, we have to rush home, Bee and I have to change and then run downtown for the Browns game!! I hope we're tailgating too :) Then it'll be home after that. I will probably stay up and unpack more when we get home. Then, Sunday, from 1-3pm we have the dock at my apartment. We will load up the truck and come home. I will also be cleaning while Bee and Children load up the truck from my apartment. I want to be able to go and hand over the keys Monday and be done there too. Hopefully, I will be far enough along that I can be all unpacked by the time my stuff arrives so that it doesn't take me very long. Hmm, let's cross our fingers. I goals, but they might be a little too lofty ;)

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Sarah said...

LOL about the NEW shoes...same thing going on over here! You are unpacking machine! :)