Monday, August 23, 2010

We are offically all moved in!!

Unpacked? Well, that's a different story. Ha!

Friday night, I needed a break. I unpacked from the moment I walked into the house until around 9pm when I started getting ready. We were going to see Bee's brother's band. We got ready, got on the bike, and started down the road when Bee called back, "I really don't feel like driving all the way across town 45 minutes at 10pm when we have to be up early tomorrow". I told him I kinda agreed. However, I wanted food, and time away from the house, unpacking, and that I wanted some quality adult time with him. So, he took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Quaker Stake and Lube. Haha! Yeah, It really is one of my favorites. I love their dusted chipotle barbecue wings, and their soft pretzels with the Guinness cheese! We watched some football and talked, and laughed, and giggled, and life was great.

Saturday, I wanted to be at the old house by 7am. Ungodly hour if you ask me. Especially on a Saturday. However, "C" had a scrimmage and it was away (like, half hour drive) at 12pm and then Bee and I were going to the Browns game, so this needed to be done. I tried getting him out of bed, and tried, and tried. We finally got up and moving and at the old house by 9am. It took 45 minutes to get his weight set apart and in the truck, and really by then, we couldn't get much more in the truck. There was no time to run home, unload and come back, so it was proclaimed that Sunday we would come for the rest. This caused me to get upset. You see, I plan and organize things in my head ahead of time. If something comes up that derails that plan, it REALLY upsets me. I get over it quickly, but for about 5-10 minutes, I am upset. Bee promised we'd get the last of it on Sunday. I told him, Come hell or high water, we were going to be done Sunday night...

"C"'s scrimmage was fun. I especially liked when we walked down to the field when we got there, her little team mates were lined up in the end zone waiting their turn and when they saw "C" they got all excited and said, "Oh thank Goodness!! "C" is here!!!! Yay! We are for sure going to win now!" Hehe. It also helps she is the biggest kid on the team. haha! It was only a scrimmage, but, they "won". They scored three times and the other team didn't score at all. "C" got her ribs stepped on, which knocked the wind out of her for a few plays, but she was fine (Bee's getting her a rib protector this week). I got to hold a baby through half the game, which made ME happy, and then we grabbed some lunch and headed home. It had started to rain and I asked Bee if he even wanted to go to the Browns game because it was supposed to rain all night. He said he did, and we hopped in the car and headed out. He decided, as we approached the exit, to go to Gander Mountain and check out rain gear. We were going to get ponchos, but decided on rain suits because they were $10.00 and buy one, get one free!. We got downtown and I am soooo glad we brought the suits. It poured alll game. We stayed until end of the 3rd quarter, then decided we were cold and wanted to go home and go to bed.

Sunday, we woke up, and by the time we left for my apartment, my kitchen was clean, my bedroom was CLEAN and ORGANIZED! All MY clothes were sorted, and put away, All of Bee's clothes were sorted and put away, with the exception of his clothes in the Mud room, but even 3/4 of those were put away. You were almost able to see "daylight" in my mud room. It was almost cleaned out! We went to my apartment loaded it up, went to the old house and got the rest of Bee's stuff, went home and unloaded everything. I had a small meltdown when we couldn't get my queen sized bed upstairs for "J" because the box spring wouldn't make it up the stairs. So, Bee decided to put my couch upstairs for "J" because my couch folds down into a full sized bed. I did not like this idea at all. Here's the thing, and yes, while I realize that my reason for being upset is partially understandable, it also partially insane. I realize this...but here goes. Like I said, I have a plan in my head. When things go differently, it upsets me. Add that to the fact that I already feel like my stuff was disrespected at my apartment by our friend, now we're just throwing my couch upstairs for a teenager to sleep on "just cuz", and we all know teenagers don't respect things...AND because that's MY couch. I bought that with my own money. I was barely scraping by when I first moved into my apartment, yet every free nickle and penny I had went into saving for that couch. Most weekends were spent, alone, in my apartment doing NOTHING, because I was saving for that couch...and when I bought it? Well, it was special...I realize it is just a couch from Walmart...but I worked hard for it. I also was hoping that something of mine could be put out because when I look around, everything is Bee's. Yes, I get the whole "What's mine is yours and yours is mine" but I feel like it's all one sided because everything was his.

So, I got upset. I think my feelings were amplified by my lack of sleep, and the fact that I have been running full steam ahead for the last 3 weeks, but have really kicked it into overdrive this last week. I also had not eaten all day and it was now approaching 8pm. I had a massive headache too. I mean, I know "J" is a good kid. She will do the best in her ability to take care of my couch. I told her I worked hard for it and she knows she has to respect it. At the end of the day, I don't's just I wish I would have been able to enjoy it a little while longer myself. I took our friends kids home who helped us out, and came back. Bee knew I was upset and asked if I wanted a ride in the "big truck" with him while he took it back to work and got his truck. I agreed. We got in the truck and I was sitting like a mile away from him. He asked what was on my mind and I simply replied I had a headache. He told me I needed to eat....I told him I was overwhelmed, and I started to cry. He grabbed me and slid me across the seat and kissed me telling me I needed to relax, let go, roll with the punches. That I didn't have to take on the world in one day. I didn't have to unpack the whole house in one day. Simply me, as is, was more than enough for him, so relax. I cried some more, but felt a lot better. We cuddled on the way to his work and then, we picked up a pizza, some pop, and went home.

We ate, the kids ate, I unpacked my kitchen, again this time, with my stuff :) I was upset because my dining room table, that's black, got knicks on the lip of the table, which show white, from being in the truck. I told bee I was disappointed because my mom, dad, and sister bought that for me for my birthday last year and I wanted to keep it nice. He told me, "I am really sorry baby. We were very careful, I promise you. However, those things are unavoidable when you move. I will tell you something a friend of mine, who is one of those artsy fartsy antique-ey type people whose has moved more than a gypsy once told me. She said, : Furniture is not furniture until it has dings, and knicks in it. Each one tells a story. Their imperfections are what give them their history. Their beauty" " I kinda wanted to punch him in his face and throw up at the same time. That's all well and fine, but this is my pretty much, not even a year old, dining room table! But, I kinda let it sink in. After I thought on that statement for awhile, I was like "Holy crap! That's beautiful! And, she's right!" 10 years from now, when my children ask me what those knicks in the table are from, I can tell them that was when I first moved in with their dad. And someday, when they have a house of their own and I pass it along, they can say, "This is from when my mom first moved in with my dad. These are from when I moved into my first place" and so on, and so forth. (I just hope the table lasts that long. It IS from Walmart. HA!)

And with that, I finished up, and Bee and I got in bed and cuddled for all of 3.2 seconds, when I fell asleep. Today I am taking a half day so that I can take the kids to meet their teachers, and then it's more unpacking. I am hoping to be done by Saturday when BFF Rose comes over. I think it's do-able. Especially now that "C" doesn't have practice every night and I can get a few more hours in today. Plus, I have 92% of the clothes put away and that is the biggest part. Other than that, it's just a typical week in the Monkey-Bee Household :) Thank God for School starting least the kids won't be home during the day to mess up the house anymore. Haha!

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Amander said...

I know how you feel about the couch and table. When you are on your own and you save and save, things become much more than "things." Sounds like it will be nice for your whole new family to enjoy it all.