Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day and the long weekend

It's that time again! What an awesome time for a long weekend. I so needed it.

Friday night, we laid low. Our friend Marcus came over and hung out with Bee and played some call of duty, while I started packing some things up for Toledo and our first game of the regular season. I was in bed by 10:30pm because I knew I was going to be up early the next morning.

5:30am arrived early! We loaded up and headed out. We arrived at the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl. Were the team unloaded and started to suit up for our noon game against the Noble County Wolf pack.

In the end, we lost. Baaaad. 30-0. Yeah, we didn't bring our "A" game. That's ok though. We will re-adjust and hopefully do better next week. It's a long season and it's not decided by one game. We left and got something to eat. Popeye's is where the guys wanted to go. There were about 8 guys from the team with us and we went inside and I think scared away the customers. We were soo loud. Ah, Football players :) After eating, we went back and watched the next two football games. The last game, we were invited into the pro-level booth to watch. It was AWESOME! :) C offered to be water girl for the Diesels because they didn't have one. They even put her in a jersey. The whole team loved her and they asked if they could adopt her haha! The picture below is her in their jersey on the sidelines (in the black circle). I took the picture from the booth. It was POURING their whole game, but they defeated the Knights 35-14.
We drove home that night, in a torrential down pour! Bee tried to make me drive because he was "tired", but I was mad at him because we were supposed to spend the night in a hotel. I realize that costs money, but it was the days inn and it was $38 a night. I was tired too. So, he drove most of the way. I took over after making it to basically to my parents house. It's an hour from their house to mine, but, we had to drop off two people on the way, so it took longer. I was going to sleep until he needed me to take over, making my rested, but I just couldn't  fall asleep. It was raining to beat the bandit, I have almost bald front tires, and when he wasn't texting, he was fighting to keep his eyes open. Everyone else was paasssssed out, and he couldn't even open the windows because it was raining so hard and my AC doesn't work...Every time I closed my eyes, I had visions of us careening off the road and flipping to our deaths. We did make it home ok at around 2am.

Sunday, we took it easy, and BFF Rose and her new "interest" came out for a bonfire. We invited a bunch of other people who did show up later, but the rain came and we moved the party inside. I had waaay to many beers and took my drunk ass to bed. I woke up Monday with a bad hangover and the thoughts of "why? Why do I do this to myself?" The kids wanted to hit the parade (for all the candy) that is literally 300ft from my front door, and since our friends down the street were going because their little girl was IN the parade, we went too.

After the parade, we went back to the house for a bit and hung out with our friends. After they left, the kids went to our other friends house to swim. They were having a big BBQ and invited Bee and I, but we weren't sure we were going to go. This is because while the people having the BBQ we are close with (Tucker and Mrs. Tucker), it was the annual BBQ after the parade in which the Invaders all hang out at, which is Bee's old team. This also meant that his old business partner was going to be there. Along with the head coach that we thought we were all cool with until AFTER Bee left, and then they started saying mean and nasty things about my guy. (Seriously ya'll, Semi-Pro football is worse than teenage cheerleaders)

We finally decided to go. It started at like noon, but we didn't show until around 5pm. Bee talked with the coach and the other owner and it turned out ok. I did NOT Talk to the other owners wife because we used to be close, but after the split, which HER husband asked Bee to leave, SHE went and said some pretty nasty things about me and my kids, and I just can't be nice to that. We left around 9pm, with 2 tired kiddos who swam allll day. I made our lunches for today, and Bee and I relaxed for a few before turning in for the night with Ms. Kitty in tow  :) All in all, it was a great weekend and a pretty good way to kick off the start of summer!

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Sarah said...

Wow, you packed a lot in! Cool that they doted on C like that. Happy summer!