Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why, it's a list!!!

There's not much going on that's post worthy. Or, maybe it's post worthy, but rather, there's a bunch of little things to talk about that I don't have the time or the effort to try and tie them all together in a post that won't give you a seizure from reading :) So, A list it is!

~Every time the kid's mom writes them a letter I get pissed off. I know I shouldn't. It's their mom. Especially if she isn't talking smack. I guess it's just a reminder to me that she will always be there...lurking in the background. Forever.

~My friend and I want to start cross stitching pillows, blankets, socks....whatever, with snarky little comments. Our favorite is "GTFA" which stands for "Go The F*ck Away" I want to send a free one to the prison...

~I have lost my damn mind. I have agreed to host a surprise retirement party for Bee's mom at my HOUSE on June 5th. It's going to be a BBQ. Let me just say A) I don't have a grill (well, I have two...but I know for sure one does not work. Gotta check the other one) It was Bee's brother and sister-in-law's idea, and they seem to be taking over the planning, and they sent the invites out, and even said they had planned on paying for all of the food (I protested and said we'd buy half), but it's still at my house which means I have to clean it, and make sure the yard and everything are presentable. Then, I agreed to plan, organize, and put on a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents with my sister on July 10th. All to be done in the summer, when I have nary a second to breathe, let alone party plan and shop. Ugh...

~I had to have a root canal done back on the 30th of April. I thought I was just going in to get a broken wisdom tooth pulled because it was hurting a lot. That happened too, but it turns out most of my pain was from the tooth in front of it that needed this root canal. I had to go out Monday night after work and have appointment 2 of 3 on this root canal. Um, I was there for 4 and 1/2 hours. My tooth was being stubborn. My dentist is an hour away from my home, so I didn't walk in the door until 11:30. It sucked.  And It hurt...a LOT. But, with all the complications and whatnot he is only charging me the $100 that I paid back on the 30th. SWEET!

~After this weekend, it's officially football season. We have football every Saturday except for 4th of July weekend and the 23rd of July. Hot damn, I love football. I just hope the weather warms up and dries up. I hate  sitting out in the cold rain watching football.

~I have been busy, sick, drugged out (pain pills for my tooth), and exhausted from all of the above and haven't really gotten to cook in a while. I am looking forward to it soon.

~The kids and I are doing a garden this year! We already have a few seeds we started in cups. I hope to rake up the bed I have designated for our garden this week! I want to get them in the ground!

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