Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ms. Kitty!!

So, I just got a cat!  Sorta.

Here's the thing. I LOVE animals. I grew up with dogs all of my life. We always had one or two. I love, love, love dogs :) Then, I moved into an apartment and couldn't have a dog. I had always wanted a kitten, but growing up, my mom and my sister were allergic to cats, so not cat for me.

When I moved out on my own and got an apartment with BFF Rose, she already had a cat and said we couldn't have any more because Buddah didn't like other cats. One night we were out and found a tiny little black kitten that had been abandoned. BFF Rose had a few too many adult beverages and agreed to letting me keep her provided that I got her vetted and fixed/declawed. I agreed, of course!

Salem was my girl. She weighed 6 oz. but when she ran she sounded like a horse with the gracefulness of an ox :)  Buddah didn't like her at first, but then they grew to be BFF. At about 6 months, I took her to be fixed and declawed. The vet's officed called me at 3:30pm the day I dropped her off to tell me all went well and I could get her in the morning. However, at 6:30pm, the Vet herself called to tell me that she was doing her rounds before leaving and she found that Salem had passed away :( I was devistated!

By the time I was ready for another pet, I was with Bee. He had a HUGE Great Dane and said no pet because Moose would eat it. Then, I got my own apartment and I was going to get a kitten, but I my apartment was the size of a showbox and I didn't really have any place to put the litterbox where it wasn't out in the open.

When Bee and I moved in together, he told me I could have a kitten. Or a dog. The kids want both. Badly. However, the more I thought about it, the more I decided against it. Several reasons really. One: technically, we're not allowed. Our lease says no pets. My landlord said to talk to him about it if we wanted a pet. He said he'd work with us (most likely just means he'll charge us more). Two: I LOVE the fact that there is no pet hair on my clothes or furnature. We also all seem to breathe better with no animals living in the house. Three: Food. It's hard enough to keep human food on the table and make sure we have enough to eat for the week. Let alone having to add cat/dog food to the list. Four: Vet Bills: Are expensive as hell. No thanks. Five: We are never home. NEVER. I'd hate to do that to an animal. And Six, the most important one: Taking care of an animal sounds great. Everyone promises to help out....yet it will be ME who has to do it when the newness wares thanks. I have 3 kids and a Bee to worry about.

So, about a two weeks ago, the kids are outside playing and this cat (about a year old maybe?) is with them. I asked about it and they told me it just showed up. Their friends that live behind us told me the next day when it came around that their mom and dad said they could keep it, but it had to stay OUTSIDE and they had to buy it food and whatnot (a nice way of putting them off and telling them "NO" without them knowing it). The cat is super friendly and if sit down, it leaps into your lap and loves on you.

I noticed a few days ago, she was looking kinda thin. I put a little saucer of milk out and she gobbled it down. Then last night, she was meowing at me like crazy and rubbing up against me. I felt really bad for her because I could tell she hadn't eaten in a few days. So, I opened up a can of tuna and set it out for her. She INHALED IT!!! I got her water too and she lapped it all up. I sent this pic to Bee along with the caption that said "I know I shouldn't have done this but...."

Later, he told me that he thought about it, and has decided that I can "keep" Ms. Kitty" and he will buy me food to feed her, but that he isn't paying for the Vet.

Ha! I wonder how long it will take before she's moved inside....


Sarah said...

Awwww...she's cute! What's her name?

Sarah said...

Duh! Ms. the title, Sarah! ;)