Monday, May 16, 2011

Mothers Day: Part 2!

Since we were all a little short on cash last week, we decided to celebrate Mothers Day  a week late. I planned on having my mom, dad, and sister, as well as Bee's mom, and BFF Rose and her son out to my house for a brunch.

At about midnight on Saturday, I was about partied out, considering I was sober. Ha! I really was tired, and I knew I had stuff to do the next day. Therefore I packed up my stumbling Bee, and we headed out the door. We stopped off across the street to get coffee and french fries from McDonald's, and started on the long drive home. No Sooner had we pulled out, and Bee's mom called. She wanted Bee to call his brother because she was worried he was stranded without a ride due to a text she received from him. So, he called and as it turns out, Bee's brother was stranded on Put-in-Bay Island which was an hour from where we were currently, and two hours from our home. He was up there doing a show this weekend and they cancelled all but one of the ferries back to the mainland. He was ok for the night (he had a hotel) but would need a ride at 10am Sunday morning. If you do the math, that meant Bee had to leave our house at 8am. After not getting to bed until almost 2am. After drinking since 6pm.

Bee got up, and left in the morning while I slept a little longer. Then, I got up, straightened up a little bit before heading out to pick up two small presents for my mom and grandma bee. I came home and got brunch started and then my family arrived. Shortly after, Grandma Bee and the kids got there and we exchanged gifts. I got my mommy a card and a $25 gift card to Marshall's, her favorite store, and Grandma Bee got a card and a Lilly. My mom and dad got me a cookbook with lots of yummy 30 minute or less meals, and some shower gel, and hand lotions, and my sister....well, SHE got me this beautiful bracelet/earrings holder made of led crystal and real opal and diamond earrings. I was floored. They are gorgeous! Opal is my favorite too!

It was a beautiful day spent with almost all of the people I love. We had food for days just like any event with my family :) It's ok, We like leftovers!

There was one down side of the evening. BFF Rose didn't come. She said her sister was upset over something and she felt like she should go be with her sister. If that was the case, then I totally understand. But I think it might of been because she was scared to leave her house but didn't want to tell me that. In my previous post from the fundraiser, I mentioned in the caption of one of the pictures that if I saw the guy in it again, I would probably end up in jail.

This guy happened to be someone that BFF Rose was dating. Not as in, he was her boyfriend, but as in they would have been going out on dates the past 3 weeks trying to get to know one another to see if a relationship could form. He was sure of his feeling for her, but she was uncertain of hers and me being her BFF, wanted me to meet him and get her my opinion. So, she brought him to the fundraiser.

He was.....o.k. He didn't seem outwardly rude or mean or anything, but he just didn't seem...right. I don't know. I mean, he didn't talk much. I understand he didn't really know anyone, but I felt like he didn't really put forth an effort. Some people are shy, so I gave him a pass on that. However, he seemed like he was, for lack of a better term, wanting to be up her ass the whole night. He seemed very needy and as the night wore on , he seemed more and more impatient with the fact she was talking to me, or Bee, or the other players, whom she's known for 2 years now. By 9:30, he was itching to go and she was just getting started. She offered to give him her keys and just have me take her home, but he was having no part of that and at one point, one of the players broke down about 2 blocks from the bar and needed a jump. She offered to come with me, and he refused to let her go with me.

She ended up going home with him back to her place (where he was staying the night) at about 10pm. I guess in the morning he woke up really early and started banging around, yelling at the cat, and blasting the TV. When she woke up, irritated, he asked for a kiss and she barked at him that she just wanted her cigarettes. He threw them at her and stormed out of the apartment. He left. After 20 minutes, he didn't come back so she text him to tell him his bag would be outside the door for him to come get. If it was still there by morning, she'd assume he didn't want it, and toss it. He flipped out on her saying he just went to the gas station to get more cigarettes and put gas in his car. She told him that no, he left upset because he didn't even say he was leaving. He came back and she refused to let him in. They fought through the door, and via text. He refused to leave her parking lot for 2 hours. Then, he started threatening her. Telling her to watch her back because revenge was coming her way and other such nasty things.

He scared me with all of that and I urged her to call the police, but she has yet to. He called her/text her all day yesterday harrasing her and making threats. I am very worried and have since made her promise to call text me when she leaves work, when she gets home and locks her door, and if she leaves at all. I want to know when she leaves and when she arrives at her destination. I hate to say it because I am not a violent person, but if he harms one hair on her head.....I can't be responsible for what I do to him. He is nothing but a CREEP.


Amander said...

Wow, it sounds like mother's day was an amazing hit! (Besides that whole stuff with Rose - hope it turns out okay!).

Sarah said...

Wow. That guy is no good, scary and seems like an abuser. I'm glad Rose is getting away from him. You are being a good friend.