Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want to ride my Bicycle! I want to ride my bike!

A co-worker heard I was in the market for a bike. She happened to get a new one for her birthday last week and offered me her old one for FREE. So, um, YEAH. I snapped it up :) I knew it was older, but I didn't realize it was an antique :P It's ok, because I didn't want anything fancy. I just wanted something I could putz around the neighborhood on with the kids, and maybe get some miles in to get some poundage off my ass.

Ever since I brought it home, the kids have been asking when we were going to go for a bike ride. I promised them as soon as it stopped raining (it's been raining here for 34958496723049496782349324863587234 days in a row) and the temprature went about 43 degrees, we'd go. Well, last night was it. 53 and sunny.

I came home, threw dinner together, did my chores, we ate, and got ready to go! Bee wanted a pop and Little Man wanted to buy an ice cream with his money he had saved up, so to the store we went! We biked all the way there and around the neighborhood and while it was a tad bit chilly, it was FUN! I felt like a wee one again! I missed riding my bike around. I thought we still had some time before the sun set, we just might take another lap! That is, until the brake line from my right hand brake (which is broken, and hangs there all impotent like with the line all swinging in my way) got caught up in the pedal or the chain or SOMETHING, and it locked up my tires and bucked me off the bike like I was riding a bronco.

Unfortunately, I was still in my leggings from work and not jeans (like I had considered putting on before we went). They tore like tissue paper, and so did the skin on my knee. I let out the slightest high pitched yelp, and I think Little man, who was cruising 40 feet in front of me, was off his bike and at my side before I hit the ground. Bless his heart. He was as white as a ghost and panting "are you OK?!" I was. My knee hurt like hell, my leggings (Which I really HEART) were torn, and my pride a little bruised.

My knee is gashed all open, and it HURTS. I forgot how bad wiping out on your bike hurts. I also forgot how much I need my knee to bend. Not only for daily activity, but for my work outs. Le Sigh. Oh well. I didn't do my workout this morning because I didn't have it properly bandaged (We only had one left, and I wanted to save it for after my shower this morning) but I am going to attempt it tonight when I get home.

And after that work out? Well, like they say, when you fall off the horse, it's best to get right back on. I think I am going to try another bike ride tonight :)

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Sarah said...

Ouch! I did the same thing when I got my bike last year. Anyways, good weather's coming, huh? How fun to ride w/the kids!