Friday, May 13, 2011

Semi Annual Battle of Shorts and Tshirts

Ok ya'll. It's that time of year again. I am fighting the age old battle of Shorts/T-shirts vs. Pants and sweatshirts. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. You spend the first part of the school year fighting with your kids because No, you may not wear shorts to school. There is snow on the ground. Once you think you have moved past that, then they try leaving the house with no coat. Um, Hello? Does your skin not register temperature? It's 20 degrees outside! Then Christmas break rolls around and we make it to January. Then, I don't know what they are thinking, but they decide that somewhere around February they can start busting out the sweatshirt-for-a-coat. We begin battling again until school lets out.

Here's the thing. We live in Ohio. As with any state that borders a large body of fresh water, our weather is a little kooky. I kid you not, it is nothing to start the day in winter boots and coats, sloshing through 2 feet of snow while another 6 inches falls to the ground, and end the day needing shorts and t-shirts driving with your AC on. My kids have lived here their whole life. They know this. Yet, we still try and sneak out the door in February without a coat and shorts.

Bee doesn't help matter much either. He says to let them freeze. A few times getting stuck in the snow without a coat and they'll learn. Um. No. They won't. Also, you're a dad. No one looks at YOU funny. I get the funny looks. I'm a mom. I should know better! He also says "My kids are like me. They are warm blooded and get hot easily if the temperature is above 45. To that I say, You're an adult. If you want to wear a shorts and no coat then fine. You have 80lbs extra to keep you warm. They are kids. They need to dress properly.

I made a rule in my house this year after I was sick and tired of chasing down kids who were trying to get to the bus before I noticed they had shorts on. From October 15th until May 1st, only pants may be worn. I don't care if your friends say it's going to be 95 degrees outside. PANTS. Sweatshirts must be worn from October 15th-first snow fall. Then, it's winter coats. Winter coats are to be worn from first snow fall until March 1st. After that, you may wear your sweatshirt again, unless there is snow. If you are caught breaking the rules, I will remove all shorts/t-shirts from your possession until Summer. Don't even ASK me if you can wear shorts. If I hear "Can I wear shor.." I won't even dignify it with an answer if it's before May 1st. Should there be a day that starts out ABOVE 55 degrees and is going to be warm and it's BEFORE May 1st, I will tell you are allowed shorts. I watch the weather every morning.

Can I tell you though, this WORKED. For the most part, we had no issues. In fact, I thought they may have even forgotten the May 1st rule until one morning my 10 year old was in shorts and a t-shirt and I went to scold her (because it was going to rain all day and not get above 60) but then I saw that it was May 2nd. The 17 year old remembered too. She came down in a tank top and a short skirt. I made her put a shirt on over her tank top, and chased her down for her sweatshirt.

They have been in shorts every day since. EVERY DAY! The last few days have been 80 degrees by the end of the day, but most days have not been above 60 and we certainly don't start out that warm yet. Sigh. Oh well. I gotta stick with the rules. I just don't remember having this battle with my mom….

Oh wait…I vaguely remember making a proclamation at 14 that "Sandal weather" was from February 1st until November 15th. I also vaguely remember sticking to that….

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