Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you Ready for some football??

That's right! I said FOOTBALL! While the rest of the world enjoys baseball, volleyball, and teeball, we at the Monkee-Bee Family kick off our football season! Really though, Football started back in January. That's when twice a week conditioning started. Then, in February, they started indoor practice, and by March they had mostly moved outside. April and May are pre-season and we start off the regular season May 28th in Toledo at the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl! We end Mid August, which is just in time to overlap by about a week or two with C's football (and this year, Little Man is playing too!) and then we go until about November with them. Ca-ra-zee!

 Saturday's game was against the Lake Erie Panthers. It was a nail biter, and that makes me nervous because they are a 2nd year team (most teams in our area have been around 4+ years) and they have yet to win a game/scrimmage yet, and here they were making us work for our yardage.

In the end though, the Midwest Rams (that's us) won 12-8! It should have been at least 18-8, but we had a touchdown get called back for "excessive celebration" and a "block in the back". I don't know about the block in the back, but as for the excessive celebration, well, you would celebrate too if a 320lb defensive linemen caught a ball off of the opposing quarterback hands when it bounced out, and RAN 65 yards down for a touchdown!

It was a charity game, and we managed to collect food for Harvest for Hunger and clothes for the Purple Heart and all of the proceeds from the gate went to the school we play at and their athletic department. Over all, it was a great day and the forecasted rain held off all day!

Way to go RAMS! We also managed to get a write up in the local newspaper (click here to read it!) and the pictures you see above will be published as well! The reported said he would like to write us up every week! Woo hoo!

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