Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Helllllloo?!  Helloo?!

Yes! I am still alive! I have been gone longer than I like from my little precious, but life calls. I will try and keep up more because really, I miss blogging :)

What have I been doing?

Well, glad you asked :)

Football: The ever present fooseball. Saturday we played our last pre-season game. We killed the other team 35-0. However, I don't take much stock in that. They sucked and only had 15 guys anyway. I would be surprised if they are even still in exsistance come June 4th when their League play starts. Our first season game is this weekend up in Toledo at the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl Statdium! Very exciting! Hopefully there will be a good turn out. It's all for a good cause, so really, I do hope it's a success. We are game 1 of 3! As for our chances? I would say that we should be compettative in this leauge. We are evenly matched it seems to most if not all of the teams. If our guys can get their heads out of their behinds a little bit, we could take home a ring come August. We shall see! Ooooh Football, I heart you! You usher in Summer and fun times!

Work: Work is Not too much going on, but we have been a little short handed so I have had slightly more work to do than normal. ie: cutting into my blog time ;)

100 Days till Summer: This...this is where the bulk of my time has been spent. If I am being honest, I feel a little burnt out on this. I have no motovation really. I go through the motions, I get my points for my team because I am anal, but really...with everything else picking up, I'm finding it harder to carve out the time. Honestly though, I love working out now, and if I could just get my miles in in the morning and strength training at night, then keep my numbers in line,  I'd be solid gold, because I seem to be able to HANDLE that, yet, the other stuff we have to do seems too time consuming. It'll be over in 4 and a half weeks and then I can do just that. I've been fighting with the scale. It's funny because I watch every moresl that goes into my mouth and work out like crazy and I gain/plateau. I stop all of that and do my work outs *most* days instead of *every* day and eat what I want within reason and track only most of it so I have an idea and the scale had been creeping DOWN slowly. In fact, the last 11 weeks, everytime It was "That" time of the month, I'd shoot up 8 pounds and it would take me 2 weeks to come back....just in time to have a week of creeping downm only to shoot back up because it was time again. This last time, as I took the laid back approach, I only gained 1.5 lbs, and it came right off the day after I was done...interesting...I still plan on getting a new bike come July. I really enjoy riding around my neighborhood.

Family/House: I have been trying to get my yard summer ready. Here's the thing, I have never had my own yard. It was either my parents yard (and I felt no obligation to it...I suck) or I lived in an apartment. So, now I have one of my very own and I want to do all this stuff to it. However, I have no idea what stuff to do! I know I want a veggie garden...bad...but where is the question. The lady who owned the house before us planted TONS of stuff. Problem is, I have no idea what it is. I look at it and think "Is that a plant, flower, or weed?!" I hate to tear up what she did because the yard looks fab (except for the weeds. my word, the WEEDS!) but, I want my own stuff too, ya know? I also, have never had to weed before, so I don't know how. Are you supposed to do that weekly? If so, ya'll I don't have the time for that! My yard is huge. I went to tear up one of the back flower beds, but it was too overwhelming to try and do it by hand. We borrowed Bee's brother's rototiller. Maybe this weekend? ugh!

Bee and I are great! We seem closer than we ever have been, and it's really nice. He seems mostly stress free, which makes me stress free and the kids too! The ex is mostly minding her manners (I say that, and now she'll probably act out again) Who knows, maybe there will be a wedding to plan soon? He says it's coming, and it will happen..but we'll see. Kids are almost done with school. I think last count was 9 days. Thank GOD, ya'll. Seriously. I can get up an hour later and STILL get my whole work out in. Also, less chores for me to do! Yippie!

Ms. Kitty: Well, it's official. Ms. Kitty has taken up residence in our hearts and in our home. For as much as it has been put on me, it was really because of Bee. Don't get me wrong. She is totally my cat. She follows me around, sleeps on me, and only wants to be near me. I love her from the tips of her twitchy ears to her bushy tail, but having her inside really, is no biggie. Had Bee said no, I would have been fine. (ask me that when the first snow falls and I would probably change my tune hahaha!) but it was Bee who kept pushing for her to be inside. But he'd say it in a way as if I was begging to bring her in. He is the one who finally told me to go get the stuff to bring her in. Then tells him mom "yeah, Monkee reaaaallllyy wanted her inside, so I broke down and agreed. But I said that I wasn't going to be responsible for that cat" Yeah, yeah...whateves ;) Last night was night one. She did good from what we could tell. We shall see! :)

Well, that's really it for now...
I'll be back tomorrow...maybe with some pictures! :)

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