Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Fun Night part 2!

Well, Family Fun night 2011 was a success! We went as a family, and we had fun! Well, mostly :)

Bee would have rather been at home, resting, and J I think would have had more fun meeting her friend to play tennis, but overall, it was fun. Little Man got to watch a rocket launch...

My kid is the only one watching ;)
He got to go in an inflatable planetarium and see constellations...

Then, we went to the school cafeteria where there was a bouncy house that you had to take your shoes off, again, for. Good lord, does he have smelly feet!

Then, there was a craft table where they got to make alien hats and face painting as well!!

J made an awesome alien hat and got a star with a rainbow on her cheek!

My handsome guy chose a robot!

Meanwhile, Bee and I ran into our friends Rob and Amy. Bee was happy, because while the kids ran off and did their thang, I held the baby and talked to Amy while him and Rob did this..

Then, Olivia wanted to hang out with Uncle Mike

But what made it really special??? Spending the evening with these guys  :)

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Sarah said...

Awww...that's awesome that you all did that together! :)