Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family Fun Night!

My Loves. My Family

Every year, Little Man's School does a "Family Fun" Night. There is arts and or crafts, a bouncy house, perhaps some candy, a face painting booth, and some sort of community program. Last year it was a health fair put on by the local hospital system. Last year it was also just little man and I because J didn't want to go and C and Bee were at practice.

This year, he said he really wanted to go because they were having a visiting planetarium. It had limited space so you had to reserve your spot. It HAD to be super awesome if you have to make reservations, right?! Well, we agreed we would go again (he had a blast last year). I said I wanted the whole family to go this year. C is excited because she doesn't have practice and can go, and J said she would go too. Bee informed me this morning when I reminded him that HE had practice, but in a surprising change of events, said he would skip practice and go with us. That spoke volumes to me. :)

Anyway, I wonder what kind of fun we can have tonight :)

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