Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm tired...

So you get a list :)

- This weekend was super crazy. We had overlapping football games, Homecoming,  a candle party, and some drama all rolled into one weekend. I'm tired. So. Very. Tired.

- Bee lost his game. They played well, fought hard, but still didn't win. Oh well. We are going this weekend to play for the team that beat us in a championship game.

- C lost her game too. It looked more like water polo instead of football. We stayed until the 3rd quarter, but then had to go. Her coach called and said she got hurt again. Same ankle and again had to be carried off the field. I took Monday off from work and took her to the Doctor finally. Nothing is broken, but it was a bad sprain. They put her in an air cast and gave her crutches. They also gave her Tylenol 3. After one pill, she seemed worlds better! Today she felt much better. That kid is such a trooper.

- J had Homecoming this weekend. I was really bummed I was not there. However Grandma Bee was there and she took some pictures for me :) J had a GREAT time. Her boyfriend, K bought her a pretty HAND PICKED bouquet of flowers, and got her a pretty corsage. Apparently, they had a blast and K dances "just like Michael Jackson! JUST LIKE HIM!"

- I had a "Pink Party" on Sunday. My friend sells Gold Canyon candles, and while I am NOT a fan of in-home parties like that (partylite, Lia Sophia, Tupperware etc), She got me because she was donating the proceeds to Cancer research. And, I like the Sugar Cookie Candle :) It was a success!

- Now for the drama. I hesitate putting this up here, only because it's weird and even embarrassing...however, the cause of it is something that Bee and I need to address. It also pisses me off because it's one more thing that the effing C-word of an ex is responsible for. At my Candle party, I told the ladies to bring their kids and their guys. Figuring, more would come if they knew everyone could come. Kids could play, husbands could watch football, etc. One of the other football moms came (a new friend) and brought her son who is C's age. They were all off playing, when the little boy came up and whispered something to his mom. She then pulled me aside. She was so uncomfortable and embarrassed looking. I thought maybe her son plugged up the toilet. Our upstairs toilet does that a lot. Especially when there are lots of people over, using it and considering Bee just unstopped it the night before, I thought that was it. However no....that was NOT it. How I wish it were..Apparently, her son was in Little Man's room. He knocked something over and it spilled on his shoe. It was a cup of "something". Little Man said it was water, but when the little boy told him it didn't smell like water, he confessed it was Pee. PEE! I went in and asked him about it. He told me it was water (which, they are NOT ALLOWED cups of ANYTHING in their rooms) I told him it didn't smell like water (it didn't..) in his room. He said it was "flavored water", I pressed him again and he finally told me. I.Hit.The.Roof. Who the hell does that?!

I pulled Bee aside and told him. HE hit the roof. Went in there and started yelling at him. Anyway, when the whole thing unfolded, in the middle of my candle party, apparently, Little Man has been peeing in a bucket (small bucket that his Easter Basket was in) in his room as well as a cup. the BUCKET got knocked over as well. He said he did it because he was afraid that when he went to use the bathroom upstairs at night that someone would break in and kill him. Really?! We have 14 (no lie) different firearms in our house. Ranging from a .22 pistol to a FREAKING AK-47. On top of that, we have 3 different cross bows. Plus a dog. She is geriatric, but she still would rip your face off if you came in uninvited. He knows this. He has seen the weapons. There has NOT been any break ins in the area. Nothing of ours has been stolen since Bee's ipod out of his truck almost 2 years ago when him and I were downtown. Where he got this idea, I don't know. By the looks of things, it's been going on for awhile. It comes down to his fear of separation. He has abandonment issues from when his mom left him suddenly at such a young age (he was 5) and now it's coming out as weird and unusual fears. C has them too. She is scared of the strangest things.

I told Bee that we need to get these kids in to see someone. A therapist or something. I have said this before. They have issues and fears, and things they don't want to talk about with him...mainly because he doesn't want to hear them because it still all cuts too deep for him. However, we need to do this NOW, while they are young and they  can work through it. Waiting will only make it worse. Cuz Peeing in a bucket in your room is straight up weird and uncalled for. :/ We'll see how that goes. Bee is not one to agreeing to see doctors very easily. :(

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Sarah said...

Wow, that's tough, Joy. When I think of Little Man being abandoned by his mom at 5 years old, my heart just hurts. (That's about Evan's age!) Any child would have a tough time dealing with that. But the bottom line is that now he is in a happy, supportive, consistent home. You and Bee are a good team and will be able to figure out how to help him. You are excellent parents, and Little Man is a fabulous kid, and because of that, you'll work through this. :)