Monday, October 10, 2011

Sitting in my thinking chair...

I have often thought about going to school. It is something I have kind of always wanted to do. Having a college education in something makes me think I might feel more...I don't know...well rounded. However, what should I go for? I mean, I have often sat and thought about what I have wanted to do as a career in the past. A Doctor? No. Not interested enough to go to school for that long. A nurse? meh. There are times when I really would like to go to school for this. However, it still takes 2-4 years of full time College, (longer if you go part time, which is what I would have to do) and then, because you are new, you get 3rd shift or all weekends someplace, and let's be honest...I'm too old and set in my ways for that. I could work in a doctors office, but to work my butt off that long in school to drone away in an office for slightly more than I make now just doesn't sound appealing. A Teacher? Well, this is the one thing that when I think about, I actually get excited. I would love to be a teacher. It would have to be 1st-5th grade because after that, I am just not good with that age group. I mean, I am, but I try to be their friend, which makes me look and feel even more old and un-cool. But then, my insecurities kick in. I would be in charge of shaping young minds. Preparing kids for the future. Sure, not all will become the next President, however, I would hate for some kid to struggle the following year because I didn't properly prepare them. Let's be honest, I am kind of a slacker at a lot of things. Hell, I should be working now, but I am typing this.

I am not interested at this point in my life to go to school for something just to have a fancy title, and a little bit more in my paycheck for them to tax. Sure, I could go for the big bucks, but the more money you make in a job usually requires more education, and I haven't the time or the money. Going to school would require more time away from my family, so it really needs to be something I enjoy. After talking about it with some friends, I've realized that what *I* really like to do is take pictures. However, more than that, I like to then "prettyfy" them. Make them black and white. Sepia. Add a cute border. Intensify the colors because what things look like in real life, sometimes look dull on film. I like doing that. I am always taking pictures on my sweet phone and using photo software (also on my phone. Technology these days...) However, what I really want is a fancy digital camera. The kind with the removable lenses. The kind that can get an action shot on a football field, from the stands, and make it look like you are right in the middle of the tackle. Those start at around $600.00 and can be as expensive at $10,000.00. The one I want is roughly $800.00. I have $55.00 saved. Hey, it's a start.

I would love to have a little studio where I can take pictures all day and sell them to magazines, sports teams, schools, whatever. Nothing big. Nothing that will make me super rich and famous, but I'd be happy with enough money to do it full time. I don't need a degree for that, however, I would like to take some photography classes. Maybe find someone I like that's local and apprentice for them? I think it would be cool :) Until then, I'll keep snapping away...:)

(I took these this past weekend!)

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