Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Mornings

Last Week, Bee and I went shooting on Sunday. This Sunday, he surprised me and took me shooting again! We were up, dressed, and on the road by 8:30am! What a beautiful day it was!

We went deep into the woods this time. We were going to meet up with our friend Randy, his son, and his son's friend. There was a Turkey Shoot contest (no, you don't shoot turkeys. Ha! ) and Bee wanted us to join. I was a little nervous, because I have never shot a shotgun, let alone, in competition! However, I had my brand new shooting earphones, so I was feeling ready!

We finally arrived, and turned into the driveway and started on the long drive back into the woods. I was super excited because since it's fall, the trees made it a beautiful drive!

We got there, and met up with our friends who were already in line to register. Bee and I jumped in line, but alas, the guy in front of us filled the last spot :( I was ok with this, actually because I wanted to learn on the shotgun with just Bee before I was in any sort of contest. We decided we would stay and watch our friends and see how they did!

Jake Shot first..

Then his friend, Jake..
Then, Randy...

The first Jake actually did really well and walked away with a little bit of money! :) Then, we decided to go shoot clay pigeons! This was going to be the first time I shot a 12 gauge shotgun!

Bee went first...

Then it was Jake's turn...That kick-back is a mother trucker!
Then it was my turn...

I look like a total bad ass! However, I only made it through half a box of shells before I quit, tearfully. Mainly because it hurt like a mother. Bee kept laughing at me and saying I was doing it wrong and that's why it hurt, which only pissed me off more because I have never shot a shotgun, never even held one, and he just hands it to me like I have been doing it for years and told me to "have at it". Ugh, boys.

THIS is how I feel about shooting clay pigeons.

All in all though, it was a good day and we had a blast together as well as with our friend. The kids, who were with their grandparents (J was with her mom) all came home around 5pm and Grandma Bee came over and brought groceries and dinner! We all ate and spent time together. It was fun :)

Today, we are getting ready for Halloween!! I am also trying to get as much done around the house before my little surgery tomorrow. I don't think it should incapacitate me too badly, but ya never know :)

Hope you all have a great Trick or Treat!! I'll leave you with my kid's school pictures from this year! They are getting so big!!

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Sarah said...

You are a brave girl! That is something I have never done, and am not sure I would be able to do! Love all your fall pics and the ones of the kiddos!