Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Like an Officer and a Gentleman....but different!

Last Saturday, C had her last regular season game of the year. She did well, however they still lost 27-0. It's been a rough season for our Storm black. We have had a lot of injuries. One kid broke his femur. Another his wrist. Another his ankle. And another had a concussion. C joined the ranks of the injured on Saturday in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Somehow.

She doesn't really remember how because it happened so fast, but she says she was going for a tackle, lost her cleat but kept running anyway. Next thing she knew, she was on the ground and in a whole lot of pain in her Ankle. They carried her off the field and she for sure got cleated on her shin, but the ankle swoll up and we are pretty sure it's a sprain. After the game was over, our beloved Coach Scott carried her to my car. Chivalry is not dead ;) She iced it the rest of the weekend and stayed off it as much as possible, but she says she is ready to go back tonight. Here's hoping!

he WAS in the Navy....just sayin ;)

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