Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm alright, I'm ok!

Never leave me alone in the examanation room...especially with my x-rays ;)

I think I have mentioned a time or two lately that I have been seeing some doctors :) Anyway, when I went in for my physical last week, I mentioned to my doctor that I had a "lump" on the inside of my middle finger, where it meets my palm. It has been there about 6 months and started out the size of the tip of my pen, and now it is pea sized and hurts when I bump it. He looked at it and said I needed to see an Orthopedic doctor who specialized in hands, and that is most likely needs to come out.

I saw the hand doctor today. He agreed, the cyst needs to come out. It's perfectly harmless in itself, but it's growing, and will eventually cause more pain and could cut off circulation, or pinch a nerve. It will be a simple outpatient surgery next Tuesday. They will sedate me and give me a local anaesthetic. I'll be off of work for the day (woot! Sleep! Drugs! No chores! (yeah right...)  ). However, anytime people are going to cut into you there is, prayers are always welcome :)

What's going to be real fun? Going to the girlie Doctor on Friday of the same week. I must be glutton for being poked and prodded ;)

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Sarah said...

Good for you for getting all of your appts. done! You are inspiring me because I have a few to get off my list. :)