Friday, October 14, 2011


We found him in the parking lot at work! Giant Snapping turtle!

My guy's truck at work


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures, Joy! You really have such a talent. What is that app again that you use? And HOLY COW! That snapping turtle!! Who was holding him? When we had one of those IN OUR YARD (yikes!), I wouldn't let Dave touch him...he had to shove him into a rubbermaid bin with a broomstick. Those things are scary!

Monkee said...

Sarah, our building manager picked up the turtle. We all yelled at him, but he did it anyway lol! As for the apps, I use Snapbucket and pixir-o-matic. both are free :)

Sarah said...

That man was crazy!! Thanks for the info on the photo apps!