Friday, February 15, 2013

A Whole Lotta Love!

Well I took yesterday off!

It was lovely! Busy.... but lovely none the less. :)

Chubbs says "Happy Valentine's Day." 

I started my day off at 5 am (for those playing along at home, that's an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than I start my day when I have to work.) I woke up and waited for my lovey to get in the shower. Then, I put my jammies on and went out and made him breakfast sandwiches from scratch! I even warmed up his coat in the dryer :) I kissed him 42 times and handed him his candy heart I bought him as well :)

After he left, I started gathering my supplies to make pancakes for my kiddos :) Then, it dawned on me that I was out of milk. So, I threw on my boots and ran up to Sheetz. Came home in time to wake C up and start in on breakfast. While at Sheetz getting milk, I even picked up two fresh (and really cute) Valentine's Day donuts. I also had candy hearts for my kids too! They really enjoyed the morning :) (Interestingly enough, C told me later, she hustled at school and traded her chocolate heart with 8 pieces of candy in it for two "family size" bags of skittles and a bag of!)

After they left for school, I sat and watched a little bit of TV, before having to go get C at 10 am from school for our 11 am dentist appointment.( Our Dentist is an HOUR away)  I'm not going to lie. I was nervous. I really don't like going to the dentist. I tried to put on a happy face though because C was the one with the tooth pain and she was nervous too. I am happy to report, it turned out fine. Well, mostly. haha. C's tooth is fine, as in no cavity, no need for a root canal (which we thought she might need), The problem is, she needs...BRACES! Oh, em. Gee. Dr. Tom says it's hurting her because it's sitting to high and when she got elbowed in the mouth playing basketball, it never really got to recover because it's too high and banging around when she eats etc so it's always sore. He filed it down so it wouldn't hit when she ate and we need to come back this summer for the starting steps for braces. Sigh.

As for me, I still need $10,000 worth of work. He worked some "magic" (IE: He is doing it Pro-Bono) and next month I get to come spend a Saturday with him and get my mouth "fixed" for... FREE. Seriously, I cried. And hugged him. And thanked him. This removes a HUGE burden from my shoulders. He said, it would help out if I could pay the lab fee, which he won't know what it is until after he is done, but that it's usually between $50.00 and $600.00. If not though, it was fine. I told him for everything he IS doing and HAS done for me and my family, I would gladly pay that. Not looking forward to wasting a Saturday getting Dental work done, but if it will GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH, I will do whatever. :)

After our tantalizing hour with Dr. Tom, We loaded up for our hour long drive back home. We stopped half way and got lunch and I dropped C back off at school. I ran home and threw dinner in the crock pot and then hit the Grocery store because I needed juice boxes for Little Man's party! Then, it was off to the school to party like a 4th grader! :) I was a little sad because this is the last year for classroom parties for my little guy. I was all nostalgic with the other moms and he was too busy looking like a homeless kid and being hopped up on sugar and excitement of a 4 day weekend. Someday soon, hopefully, Bee and I will have our baby and I will get to be a room mom once again, but this was my last party with Little Man and I was trying to enjoy every moment :)

After the party, I grabbed my boy and we ran home. When we got there, Grandma Bee was over! She was going to attend the 7th grade girls Basketball game with us! I walked in and sitting on the counter was this...

I was busy and my phone was dying or else I would have taken a better picture :D
My lovey had finally given in to my nagging,  stopped off at a REAL florist and bought me this very thoughtful bouquet of roses! This is HUGE for him because he NEVER NEVER NEVER buys flowers. A plant, maybe...but never flowers like this. Two, because he hates Valentines day and has spent all week lamenting the fact it's a made up holiday to make guys feel bad and why, if he loves me to the fullest every day, should he cheapen it by doing something this ONE day....whatever. I just wanted an acknowledgement. He did good :) Although, it could be because he felt bad that I made a nice dinner and wanted us all to eat together with Grandma Bee for Valentine's day and he was leaving out at 6 pm for a weekend with the guys hunting and camping and I was kinda upset he was leaving that early that he figured he should do SOMETHING to make me happy so I wouldn't be upset. However, I am going to go with, He decided to finally "get it". lol :)

C had her game, and they won. Again. They are undefeated and she is over the moon. They still have 5 more games, but there is a good chance they will stay that way :) After her game, one of the parents who owns the Georgeio's in our town wanted to take all the girls there to celebrate. So, off she went. Grandma Bee, myself, and little man went home. It started to rain and Grandma Bee doesn't do well driving at night in the rain, so she left. Little Man ended up having his last Basketball game that night too, so off we went! After their game, they had a pizza party too, to celebrate their season. It was 7:30pm and I was exhausted from running all day. All of my people had eaten, so I came home and put dinner in the fridge for tomorrow. :) The kids took baths and went to bed (crashing from the sugar!) 

As for me, I got a dish of my bean salad that I have been craving for the last week, a glass of wine, and watched what *I* wanted on TV, then went to bed myself at 9 pm. With no TV on, no Bee snoring, and a whole bed to myself, I crashed immediately and since there was no school today, I got to sleep until 7 am. It was a great way to end the day! LOL! I love my husband. I do. I already miss him like the dickens, but I will tell you what, that was the best night's sleep I have had in a long time lol! ;) 

Tonight, my friend T and I are going out to dinner for some girl time, and then tomorrow, it will be an all bestie weekend with BFF ROSE! And, NEW HAIR! :D 


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Sarah said...

Holy know how to fit a lot into a day! No wonder you slept so well! Although, I totally get it about having such a good night of sleep when your guy is gone. When Dave is gone, I do the exact same thing.
Have a blast this weekend!