Friday, February 1, 2013

Picture-less, because I'm a slacker

   We had a busy Thursday. School and work, and Basketball and a meeting! Whew! I got home in time to take Little Man to his basketball game. Bee ran and got the girl (ok, he drove) and they headed off to his meeting while I hung out with my favorite little dude. C's basketball team won, making them 6-0 for the season thus far! Way to go girls! Unfortunately, even though he wore his "lucky underwear", Little Man's team did not win. Boo.

   After the game, little man didn't even get a chance to make it back to where I was sitting before his grandparents met him. Grandma hugged him. He was still pretty pissed over everything that happened and asked me in the car if he still had to say hello if they were there. I told him he didn't have to do a whole dog and pony show for them or anything, but that he could still be angry and still not be rude. Well, he let himself be hugged, but he didn't hug back like he normally does. He just looked at me while he was talking. Grandma gave him a small box of Chocolate, which he happily accepted, and she noted he needed to ask first before he ate it. Then, they scurried outta there. Really, it was fine by us. Little man told me as he was inhaling his chocolate in the car, "I am still mad, but I do love chocolate and I am happy Grandma brought me some"  That child...

   We went home, he took a bath, and then hit the hay. Around 10, Bee and C got home. She went right to bed, and we followed suite not long after. I woke up this morning to a blizzard and a long commute into work. Thankfully, it's Friday and my fingers are crossed the boss will buy us lunch! :D

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