Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The day has come!

I get my wedding pictures tonight!


  I am so excited. Sam, my photographer, said they are "pretty damn awesome". I am so excited. I don't really know how I am going to make it through the day! Sigh. Oh well. I really am busy at work. In fact, after I type this, I will probably be elbow deep in work until it's time to go home. So, there's that. Once I get my pictures back, I am going to be busy! I need to get some printed. Some framed. Some sent off to family and friends, and then I have to do all my thank you cards! I don't really mind too much though. It will be fun :)

  I am also getting excited because February is when Bee and I decided to start trying to have a baby. We can't try in the conventional way, so I need to call and make a doctor's appointment. It will actually probably be March when we start, but either way I'm getting excited. I was on a pregnancy website last night and learned (don't laugh!) that after the sperm is inside you, you can get pregnant up to FIVE days after. I had no idea! I knew it could live 36 hours (or so I thought) outside the male body, but I didn't know it had 5 days. That's pretty awesome :) I can't wait to have a baby bee :D

  Speaking of baby bee's, C's team won their basketball game last night. They are still undefeated! They have a game tonight and I hope they can hold on to that record :) C's Grandparents called last night wanting to know when and where here game was tonight (Wednesday). Bee told them he didn't know (I don't think he realizes that her schedule is hanging on the fridge....) but that as soon as she got back from her game he would have her call them. They were all surprised and "wish they'd have known" because they would have gone. Um. Why do I bother sending them schedules? Why do they bother hanging them up on their fridge (Little Man says they are right there ON THE CALENDAR) if they are not going to read them/claim they don't own one? C called them at 9 pm after Civil Air Patrol and Grandma said she checked online but didn't see that C had a game (if you know how to check on line, why did you have to call and ask about tomorrow, now today's game?) C said that it was on her schedule that her and I sent her. Then, grandma asked if she was "ok?" C said she was, and then Grandma said that the egg donor had been trying to call. C stated that "We've been busy, ok? Is that alright?". Then, Grandma asked if she could "get together" with her.

  Greeeaat, More brainwashing. C is not interested. Little Man? DEFIANTLY not interested. They are all going to have to come to grips with the fact that after being treated the way they have been, after being lied to, left, and embarrassed, they want no part of that family. Well, more like, not as big of a part as they used to. It sucks, but as they say, You reap what you sow...

Anyway, one last thing before I boogie. This is a picture that Grandma Bee posted on Bee's facebook. It's the Cross at the top of the mountain that is in Bee's hometown. We went there when we first started dating. Bee showed me his hometown. It was a very special trip :) This is that same place, covered in a blanket of white. BEAUTIFUL!

This is from when we went back in 2009. :)


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Sarah said...

Hi Joy!
I have so much to catch up on! So glad to see you've been blogging too, and can't wait to read everything!