Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesdays and Dentists

I hate Tuesdays.

I really do. I work all day and all I want to go is go home and relax. However, that's not in the cards. I get home at 5:45-6:00 pm. Little Man has basketball practice at 6:00 pm so as I am pulling in, Bee is pulling out with him. C has Basketball games on Tuesday and doesn't get home until 6:30. So, I run and grab her from the school, and then high tail it out one city over to take her to Civil Air Patrol. It's only one city over, but it's 10 miles and a 20 minute drive from home. She needs to be there by 7 pm. I drop her off and come home and Little Man is just walking in the door from practice. Now, homework has to be checked, dinner made, and by the time I am serving him, it's time to go get C  at 8:30 to be there by 9 pm when it lets out. Bring her home and now it's almost 9:30 and she hasn't even eaten yet. She usually doesn't. She goes right upstairs, showers, and falls into bed and it's the first time I've gotten to sit down and say hello to my Husband. Sigh.

I also hate Dentists. Mainly, because every time I go to one, they tell me how much money I have to pay them to fix everything. I need some work done, but I just don't have the money. We have been busy and it's so hard to get to our dentist, which we love, since May. Not for lack of trying on their part, but when you are busy every day of the week...

C has been complaining about a tooth for awhile now. Dr. Tom checked it out and said it may have gotten knocked around playing sports like she does. If we left it alone and kept an eye on it, it might re-cement itself. Otherwise, she was going to need a root canal and he didn't really want to do one on her because she is so young. Well, she is complaining big time about it. I'm thinking that just might have to happen. Double Sigh.

On a high note, My wedding pictures are DONE! However, I am not meeting my Photographer until Tomorrow night...at 7 pm.

Another reason to hate Tuesday. ;)

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